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Gun Reviews

Springfield Armory 2020 Rimfire Reviewed: Target & Classic Models

The market for bolt action rimfire rifles is by no means scarce, at least now it isn’t. At some point,…

Gear Reviews

Paintball Gear: A Guide to Must-Have Equipment

Equipping yourself with proper paintball gear is crucial for both safety and unlocking your full potential in this dynamic sport.…

Buyer's Guide

Best Airsoft Guns For 2024 Review

Airsoft Guns For Sale Visit Our Store SHOP NOW When the word “guns” is mentioned, most people think about firearms…

Hunting Tips

Dog Training Basics: How to Get Started

By Tony Martins It's been a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny. Home early from work, you decide to spend…

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By Tony Martins Touted as one of the “best ever,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2018 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor…

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