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Sig Sauer P226: A Comprehensive Review

If you’re looking​ for a reliable, military-grade firearm to add to your collection, the Sig Sauer​ P226 should be at the top of your list. This semi-automatic pistol ​has been used by elite forces since its introduction in the 1980s and is held in​ high regard within the gun community. In this review, ​we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need ​to know about this iconic weapon—including its features, performance ​capabilities, and accuracy potential. With an impressive track record​ of reliability as well as countless rave reviews from novice and veteran ​shooters alike, it’s easy to see why so​ many trust their lives with the Sig Sauer P226.

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History of the Sig Sauer P226

The Sig Sauer P226 made its grand entrance in 1984, and boy did it make a splash! It was such a showstopper that it was submitted to the XM9 Service Pistol Trials for the U.S. military. Now, while it didn’t clinch the top spot (that went to the Beretta M9), it won the hearts of various law enforcement agencies, including the Navy SEALs! And these folks know their guns, I’ll tell you that, so the support group is pretty weighty.

Specifications of the Sig Sauer P226

Now, let’s talk specs, ​shall we? The P226 lineup comes in a variety of calibers – from ​the common 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, ​.357 SIG, and .22 Long Rifle, to the more ​exotic 7.65 Parabellum and 9×21 IMI. Whether​ you’re into self-defense, law enforcement, ​or just love shooting cans off ​fences for fun, there’s a P226 that’s just​ right for you.

The P226 measures a ​neat 7.7 inches in length with a 4.4-inch barrel. ​Standing at a height of 5.5 inches and boasting a ​width of 1.5 inches, this pistol offers a ​well-balanced feel that ​makes handling it as comfortable ​as holding your favorite coffee mug. But​ wait, there’s more! Some models ​break the mold and come in even bigger ​dimensions for those who like to go ​big or go home. And weighing in ​at 34 ounces when empty, the P226 provides ​a sturdy platform that helps you manage recoil like ​a pro.

Finally, the standard P226 model comes with ​a 15-round capacity magazine. That’s right, ​folks – you can enjoy extended shooting sessions​ before you need to reload. But remember, ​this can vary depending on ​the specific model and caliber ​you choose. So, what are you waiting for? Get your​ hands on the Sig Sauer P226 and experience ​the thrill of a lifetime!

Sig Sauer P226 Legion

Sig Sauer P226 Legion RXP

The Sig Sauer P226 Legion RXP is no ordinary pistol; it’s a masterpiece designed with cutting-edge features to take your shooting game to the next level.

Weight and Size

The P226 Legion RXP tips the scales at 34.4 oz. Now, I know what you’re thinking – that’s a smidge heavier than your run-of-the-mill P226 Elite. But here’s the kicker – that extra weight is your secret weapon for stability and control, especially when you’re letting loose rapid-fire shots.

Size-wise, this beauty sports a 4.4-inch barrel and an overall length of 8 inches2. It’s not just a service pistol; it’s a full-sized companion perfect for law enforcement, military buffs, and shooting enthusiasts like you and me.

Built-in Reflex Sight

Ladies and ​gents, allow me to introduce you to the star of the show ​- the SIG SAUER P226 Legion RXP! This​ full-sized marvel is no ordinary​ pistol; it’s a masterpiece designed with ​cutting-edge features to take​ your shooting game to the next ​level.

Finish and Grips

Now, let’s talk style. The​ P226 Legion RXP is dressed ​in a Cerakote Elite Legion gray coating​ that’s as tough as nails. It resists wear and corrosion ​like a champ, ensuring this pistol can ​take a beating and still look​ and function like a dream.

And the grips? Oh,​ they’re a thing of beauty! Custom G-10 grips offer a solid, comfortable ​hold that won’t slip or slide, even when​ things get a bit sweaty.

Performance Features

Performance-wise,​ this model is a beast. With X-RAY high​ visibility day/night sights and a specialized P-SAIT trigger system, accuracy is off the charts. ​Smooth DA/SA operation makes every shot a​ pleasure, promising reliable performance each time.

Magazine Capacity

The P226 Legion RXP also comes chambered in 9mm, typically with three 15-round magazines. That’s plenty of firepower for extended shooting sessions, whether you’re training or in tactical mode.

Safety Features

This model has a DA/SA mechanism for a safer, controlled first shot, plus low-profile decocking and slide catch levers to minimize snagging. With Sig’s four-point safety system, the Legion RXP takes security seriously.

Sig Sauer P226 Black MK25

Sig Sauer P226 Black MK25

Ever wondered ​what it’s like to hold the same piece trusted​ by none other than the U.S. Navy SEALs? Let​ me introduce you to the SIG SAUER P226 Black​ MK25 – a full-sized service pistol that’s got everyone talking. ​With stellar ergonomics, perfect balance, and​ pinpoint accuracy, this bad boy is a ​favorite among pros and rookies alike. ​But don’t just take my word​ for it, let’s dive into ​the details.

Weight and Size

First up, the weight. At 34.0 ​ounces, the Black MK25 feels as sturdy as a rock, ​giving you the stability and control you need​ when firing off round after round. ​And size? With a 4.4-inch barrel, an ​overall length of 7.7 inches and ​standing 5.5 inches tall, this pistol is just right ​for everything from law enforcement​ duties to weekend target ​practice.

Finish and Grips

First up, ​the weight. At 34.0 ounces, the Black MK25 feels as sturdy ​as a rock, giving you the stability ​and control you need when​ firing off round after round. And size? With a​ 4.4-inch barrel, an overall​ length of 7.7 inches and standing 5.5 inches ​tall, this pistol is just right ​for everything from law enforcement​ duties to weekend target​ practice.

Performance Features

The Black MK25 is a​ double-action/single-action (DA/SA) pistol, offering ​you flexibility in different shooting scenarios. And​ here’s a fun fact: You’ll find an ​anchor engraved on ​the left side of the slide – a nod to​ its naval heritage.

And the goodness​ doesn’t stop there! The internal parts​ are coated with a phosphate finish, adding an extra​ layer of protection against wear and tear. This means​ you’ve got a pistol that’s built to last, ​even under heavy use.

Magazine Capacity

The Black MK25 comes​ chambered in 9mm, packing a hefty 15+1 round capacity. That’s​ plenty of shooting time before needing to ​reload. Perfect for those ​times when sustained firepower is key.​

Safety Features

This model incorporates ​a robust safety system that’s as reliable as they ​come. It doesn’t have a manual ​safety, but instead uses a decocking ​lever. This allows for a safe transition ​from single action to ​double action. So, you’ve got peace of mind knowing you’re​ handling a safe and reliable firearm.

Sig Sauer P226 XFive

Sig Sauer P226 XFive

Meet the SIG SAUER P226 XFive, a single-action-only (SAO) ​pistol that’s been turning heads ​and winning hearts since its debut. Built on​ the rock-solid foundation of the ​celebrated P226 platform, this model is ​a tour de force in precision, reliability, and ​user-friendly design. But don’t just take my word for ​it – let’s dive into the details!

Weight and Size

At a solid 45.6 ounces, the P226​ XFive is like a steadfast anchor in your hand, providing all​ the stability and control you need to let loose a ​rapid-fire volley. Size-wise, this pistol ​boasts a 5-inch bull barrel, an ​overall length of 8.6 inches, stands 5.9 ​inches tall, and spans 1.7 inches wide. This full-size​ profile makes it a versatile ​companion, suitable for everything ​from competitive​ shooting to personal ​defense.

Finish and Barrel

The P226 XFive is ​decked out with a robust nitride finish​ famed for its durability and resistance​ to corrosion. And let’s not​ forget the 5-inch ​match-grade barrel, a true game-changer​ that guarantees ​consistently accurate and precise shots. Pretty​ impressive, isn’t it?

Performance Features

Performance-wise, this model​ doesn’t disappoint (SEALs wouldn’t adopt it otherwise). Its single-action-only (SAO) operation​ ensures a crisp and consistent trigger pull, ​contributing to the reliable​ performance we’ve come to expect from the P226 line. Add ​to that the custom Hogue wood grips with a ​beavertail, and you’ve got a pistol that’s as comfortable ​to hold as it is easy to control.​

Magazine Capacity

The P226 XFive has got plenty. Chambered in ​9mm, it comes with a whopping 20+1 round ​capacity. With this high-capacity setup, you’ll enjoy extended shooting​ sessions before needing to reload. And ​it doesn’t stop there – the pistol comes ​standard with three 20-round magazines with alloy basepads. Talk ​about sustained firepower!

Safety Features

The P226 XFive, ready ​for competition right out of the box, employs a DA/SA trigger system ​for an added layer of safety. It requires a​ deliberate, heavy pull for the first shot, ​ensuring you’re always in​ control. Plus, it includes a frame-mounted​ decocker for safe handling of a loaded firearm.​

Value for Money: Is the Sig Sauer P226 Worth It?

Everybody wants to get their money’s worth. Can the Sig Sauer ​P226 offer that? This pistol is well-crafted, reliable, and packed​ with top-notch features. Now, I get it, the P226 ​might not be the most budget-friendly​ option on the market. But isn’t quality worth paying a ​little extra for? With its silky-smooth trigger pull and impeccable balance, it’s ​a joy to handle. Once you’ve fired off a few ​rounds, you’ll be hooked – trust me, I’ve​ been there!

Sig Sauer P226

Pros and Cons of the Sig Sauer P226

The SIG SAUER P226 is a renowned model in the​ brand’s line-up, known for its reliability, accuracy, and ​robust construction. However, like any firearm, it has ​its strengths and potential drawbacks. ​


  1. Reliability & Accuracy: The P226 ​is​ praised for its reliable performance and accuracy. It ​is ​designed to function consistently ​under various conditions, making it ​​a dependable choice for ​many users.
  2. Robust Construction: The P226’s all-metal​ design​ contributes to its durability and ​longevity. This robust construction ​ensures ​the pistol can withstand ​heavy usage over​ ​time.
  3. Ergonomics: Many users ​find​ the P226 comfortable to handle and ​shoot, thanks​ to its well-designed​ ergonomics. The grip​ design and balance​ of the pistol contribute ​​to this comfort.
  4. High Capacity: The P226 was​ designed​ to accept double-stack​ magazines, providing a higher​ ​capacity than some other​ models.​


  1. Size and Weight: The P226’s​ all-metal construction makes it heavier ​​than polymer-frame pistols. This can​ be a ​disadvantage for carrying, ​although the ​weight can also help reduce​ recoil when shooting.​
  2. Grip Size: Some users may ​find the P226’s grip​ to​ be on the larger side. This can ​make the pistol feel bulky and​ may affect ​handling for those with smaller hands.
  3. Stock Capacity: For the​ gun’s size, the​ stock capacity isn’t ​too ​impressive. Could have ​been​ greater.
  4. Customization: The P226 may not offer​ ​as many customization options​ as some other models. However, ​this​ may not be a significant issue for users ​who​ are satisfied with the pistol’s ​factory configuration.​

Final Thoughts on the Sig Sauer P266

Long story short, the Sig ​Sauer P226 is an excellent firearm with a long legacy of ​reliability and performance. Its diverse range ​of models demonstrates its versatility and allows ​shooters to find a suitable gun for any​ situation. The superior accuracy and ​dependable operation of the Sig Sauer P226 makes it an ​ideal choice for competition shooting, self-defense, ​target shooting, and many other ​shooting applications. With robust construction and ​exceptional quality control standards, you can be sure that a Sig Sauer P226 will ​provide years of service under even the roughest conditions.​

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What are the safety features of the Sig Sauer P226?

The Sig Sauer P226 Legion RXP is ​designed with numerous safety features. It has a DA/SA (Double Action/Single Action) ​mechanism, which means the first shot requires a longer, ​heavier trigger pull, while subsequent ​shots are lighter and quicker. It also includes low-profile decocking​ and slide catch levers to reduce snagging ​risk. The Legion RXP model further ​includes Sig’s four-point safety ​system.

What is the difference between a Sig Sauer P226 and P320?

The P226 is a heavier model by approximately 4.5 oz. It’s a hammer-fired and all-metal handgun,​ often praised as the standard by which all other combat​ handguns are measured. On the other hand, ​the P320 is a polymer, striker-fired pistol. This makes it ​lighter and less expensive than the P226.​

What is the price range for Sig Sauer P226?

The Sig Sauer P226’s price range ​varies significantly depending on the specific model, condition and the retailer. ​As of now, the lower margin for a new Sig Sauer P226 is $1,099.99 with​ the higher being somewhere around $2,299.00.

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