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Taurus 1911 Commander .45 ACP Pistol Review

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By Pete Rogers

For decades the 1911 has been one of the most popular styles of pistol made. The venerable exposed hammer on this semi-auto pistol is something Hollywood has made famous, and shooters have loved it for a variety of reasons.

Recently Taurus has introducing their newest model in this classic design, the Taurus 1911 .45 ACP Commander. The Commander offers an 8+1 magazine with a 4.2” barrel, giving it a shorter profile, but still maintaining the full size grip and feel of a full-sized pistol.


Taurus 1911 Commander

The popular .45 ACP is the perfect caliber for the medium-framed Taurus 1911 pistol. It is a great size for both home defense and concealed carry. The Commander comes with a black on black finish. The overall length of this 1911 is 7.9 inches, and the beefy weight is tolerable at 38 ounces. Of course 1911’s aren’t supposed to be lightweight guns. One of the most intrinsic properties of the 1911 frame is one that draws its fans. The stout frame helps to reduce recoil, aid in accuracy and just feel like a big gun should. All of this comes in a manageable medium-sized frame.

The Commander is the larger of the two new models in the 1911 offerings. The other is the Officer. Even smaller than the Commander, the Officer has a 6+1 capacity in the same caliber, .45 ACP. It is only 4 ounces lighter than the Commander, for some this can be a big difference. The Officer weighs 34.5 ounces and has a 3.5” barrel. It has the same color and specs, other than the size, as the Commander. Both the Officer and the larger Commander are great 1911 guns for those who prefer this shape, model and feel of a personal protection gun.



Perfect for carry, self-defense or home use, the Commander features a monochromatic black on black finish Novak® drift adjustable front and rear sights. The handle features checkered black grips and extended beavertail that offers comfortable shooting with great control. The Commander is easily customized as it is built with industry standard components.


In Use – Home Defense vs. Carry

Many pistol aficionados like to have a few different styles for different occasions. The 1911 Commander will be difficult to carry in the summer simply because of its size. It is hard to conceal a pistol of this size without a large jacket or winter clothing.

However, when it comes to home defense, I can think of no other pistol I would rather have. The .45 ACP is more than adequate to use, and when loaded with the NovX ammunition, I have the confidence that whoever tries to cause harm will have a very bad day. The 8+1 ammunition magazine is more than enough to stop multiple intruders should the need arise.

The security I feel having the Taurus 1911 Commander nearby is something that cannot be replicated. A gun that yields this much firepower, maneuverability and dependability is something Taurus harnessed and made into an affordable and fun-to-shoot pistol. The 1911 action has stood the test of time for over a century.

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