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Silynx Clarius Pro Headset Review

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By Pete Rogers

Hunters and shooters have largely been reluctant to add hearing enhancement and protection to their array of gear. Many of us have witnessed moments at the shooting range where someone believes they are more macho or seen as weak if they wear hearing protection. Even members of my own family members are so reluctant to use hearing protection, that I have on occasion refused to allow shooting until everyone has some form in place. I wish I could count the times I heard: “I can’t hear with those things on,” to which I would add: “You won’t be able to hear without them if you keep shooting without them.”

As I have grown older, I too have noticed that my hearing is not what it used to be. One of the great things about hunting in our neck of the woods is the sound of approaching game. The crunching of leaves, or the brushing of limbs on the bodies make the heart jump with excitement. More and more I have been unable to hear these sounds. This led me on a quest to find a comfortable set of hearing enhancement that would also offer protection from muzzle blast. Enter the Silynx Clarius Pro.


Silynx Clarius Pro

Not too many years ago, hearing protection and enhancement devices were big bulky ear muffs that were hot, and cumbersome. These big muffs made contact with the gun stock when trying to shoot and forced users to alter their shooting form to accommodate, or worse abandon them all together.

Advancements in technology has provided a lot to offer in terms of smaller and better devices to wear. Add to that the design of comfort and custom fit and some are now choosing to use these devices. But most of these smaller devices are based on the same technology used by the hearing aid companies.

Silynx has been making communication devices for the US military for over twelve years. Kate Walton Marketing Manager of Silynx stresses that Silynx has really strong commitment to hearing protection, especially with impulse noises around firearms. “We really want to spread the word about how one gunshot can damage your hearing for life.” While this is not the same for everyone, Walton says: “These impulse noises can cause irreversible damage.”


In describing some of the differences between Silynx and other companies that offer similar products. Walton says, “We do not use the same batteries as hearing aid companies, those tiny, expensive and difficult to replace batteries can be cumbersome. All of our gear uses standard AAA batteries that are easily found and replaced.” Most will use only one AAA battery and with a 100 hour battery life, that makes them very functional.

Other features unique to the Silynx is the unit is compact and weather proof. Designed to be rugged and to withstand anything thrown at it, the Clarius Pro is fully submersible for up to one meter for half an hour. Everything is sealed to prevent mud, dust or any debris from getting into the unit.

Field Testing

When my unit arrived, I was thrilled to see that the unit came with three different sizes of foam ear tips to fit most ear canals. No more whittling down oversized ear foam pieces or trying to stretch pieces too small to fit. A quick test and I found a size that fits well and comfortable. These three sizes are sufficient for most people, but Walton points out that if none of these fit: “Larger sizes are available for an extra charge.”

Since most units do not have cords to deal with, it took some practice to figure out how to use the units and to keep the cords out of my way. Walton offers this advice on how to keep the cables out of the way: “Insert the tips into your ears, tighten the cables over the ears and cinch it tight to the back of the head” she then says that some will then clip it on the back of their pants. Some will run the cable under their outer garments to keep the cable from getting snagged on branches. My solution was to clip the unit to the top of my collar or the back of my hat. That seems to keep everything within reach yet out of the way.


Walton also comments that: “The ‘hear through’ technology, allows you to have normal conversations on the range. Which really adds to the camaraderie while shooting.” With a simple push of a button, the sound enhancer advances to four levels, low, medium, high, and super normal. I must admit, the super normal is intense. While sitting in a dove field last fall, I was able to hear the conversation of two hunters 75 yards away as if I was sitting next to them. In the woods, it can be so loud that it is difficult to determine the direction of the sound. The medium setting was the best for me. But I do like having the ability to make these adjustments quickly and easily.

The port of the Clarius Pro comes with a standard 3.5 mm pole that easily fits into most smartphones and they can double as hands free talking and music listening device. A built in noise canceling microphone allows you to answer the phone on the device and keep your hands free.

At this year’s SHOT show, Walton explained some of the advances in the newest models. Available this fall will be The Clarius Pro Light, this unit does not have the port for two way communication and provides only hearing protection and enhancement. It’s designed for a lower price point and to be used only at the range or in the field. With a suggested price of $179 MSRP it is their introductory unit.

When it comes to hearing protection and enhancement, Silynx Clarius Pro is breaking down doors and making converts in the lightweight protection and enhancement at affordable prices. No other brand is as comfortable and easy to use as is the Silynx Clarius Pro. With features that include two way communication it is hard to find anything wrong with this product.

Silynx offers some help in setting up and using their Clarius Pro, here is a link to some videos they have to offer some assistance.

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