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Springfield XDM Review

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You are a beginner and looking for a new 9mm pistol? Springfield Armory XDM is a good one to consider for concealed carry or home defense.

Springfield Armory XDM Pistol stands for X-Treme Duty Match grade barrel and trigger.

They come in 6 different models with different barrel lengths. All the XDM models are lightweight and suitable for everyday carry. They come with trigger and grip safety. A limited lifetime warranty comes together as well.

springfield armory xdm pistol



All the XDMs have grip safety and internal firing pin safety.

The grip safety releases as soon as you have a good grip on the pistol. It rests on the grip between your thumb and trigger finger.

The safety firing pin prevents accidental discharge when the handgun is dropped occasionally.


The Springfield XDM pistol come with a polymer frame which may feel like plastic at first. However, it adds up an ergonomic feel and light weight. It’s also easier to keep polymer frames clean. And just because it’s polymer, it won’t rust. That’s a nice one, huh?


The XDM comes with three interchangeable backstraps which means you’ll have to be gripping the gun in order for it to fire. Interchangeable backstraps allow adjusting the gun to your hand size. It’s also a great alternative to buying more guns if you are not the one in the hose who carries this pistol.


The grip size depends on the model and caliber you choose. However, they all should fit the average hand and feel comfortable to handle whether at the range or carrying concealed.

It has a curved trigger guard that gives a little extra place to put your finger if you want.


The finish holds up very well. It can be carried every day for years in a Kydex holster and only have a little shine and scuff on some prominent parts.


The magazine capacity of your XDM depends on the caliber and varies from 9 to 19 rounds. Magazine capacity is another factor to consider before buying a gun. It determines the shots you get before the necessity to change an empty mag.

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