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SHOT Show 2017 Day Two

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We have more SHOT Show coverage from day two on the floor including Sitka, Benelli, Crimson Trace, FoxPro, Havalon, Steel Will and a newcomer – HEAT Factory.


Sitka’s newest announcement this year comes in the form of the Subalpine Optifade camo pattern. Just like last year’s Timber, Subalpine fills a new need in camo gear that many hunters will love. Designed for terrain above the plains but below the treeline, Subalpine features a greener color and camo that is focused on a closer, spot and stalk engagement distance. Subalpine will work great in greener vegetation like pine forests, and it is especially appealing to bow hunters. Much of the line features lightweight, breathable material great for those hunts where you can easily work up a sweat. Subalpine is also available in heavier jackets like Stormfront and Cloudburst jackets and pants. Just like other Sitka patterns, you can get the new Subalpine in everything from apparel to gaiters to bino bivy models. You can even get the Subalpine pattern in Kimber rifles. The pattern launches April 17th.


Sitka also showcased their new women’s apparel line and sizes at SHOT this more. There will be plenty more to come on Sitka’s new line from us next week.


The big news around Benelli was the announcement of the Super Black Eagle 3. Described as a cross between the Ethos and the original Super Black Eagle, the SBE 3 features an extended release and enlarged bolt handle, a revamped Comfort Tech 3 recoil system contained internally in the stock, a newly refined ergonomic forearm, and Benelli’s Inertia Driven system that cycles both heavy and light loads. As far as numbers go, the SBE 3 touts 48% less recoil with the Comfort Tech 3 system and 13.2% more pellets on target with the CRIO System cryogenically treated barrel. The SBE 3 retails for $1999 and it is available in black, RealTree Max-5, Mossy Oak Bottomland and Gore Optifade Timber (featured in Sitka).


In addition, Benelli also announced two new M2 shotgun models and one Ultra Light model in the Performance Shop line. Benelli’s Ultra Light is as the name suggests an extremely light shotgun available in 12 and 20 gauge, and the M2 line is beefed up with a waterfowl specific model with a Sitka Optifade Waterfowl pattern and a turkey model in Mossy Oak Bottomland.

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace has created a stir with their new LiNQ AR green laser and LED light combo this year. The LiNQ features an ultra-compact rail mounted laser / light combo, but what’s really impressive is the matching LiNQ pistol grip that offers Crimson Trace’s signature Instinctive Activation tech in the grip. Simply hold the rifle once the laser/light on/off switch is activated and the front device turns on without any fuss or extra work. The LiNQ is available for both AR and AK style rifles.



FoxPro had a ton of new products on the SHOT floor this year, but the biggest focus was on the new Aftershock calling device. The concept is still in the late stages of development, but it seeks to upgrade all the shortcomings that customers and developers have found in the FoxPro Shockwave. The device features a maximum storage of over 1000 sounds, and an extendable tripod is built into the device so you can elevate it off the ground when needed. Before you would have to pack an extra clip-on tripod to get the same effect. The remote is revamped as well, and it sports built-in GPS to mark your stand spots and your path to and from your vehicle. The remote even offers AM/FM weather alerts when you’re out in the field and severe weather threatens. One last unique feature, the bottom of the device has a lanyard / hook that will weigh your predator right out in the field – in case there was any question how big the animal truly is.


Steel Will

Up next we checked out two of our favorite knife brands at SHOT. Steel Will has a new line of knives that offer both premium and value options in similar styles. Models like the Cut Jack start at $44.99 for the 3″ version, but you can get a more advanced knife in a similar design in the Prototype with M390 Italian steel and steel ball bearings in the action. However the biggest news at Steel Will was the patent-pending Ant Lock series. These knives are still in development, but they will soon offer a revolutionary one-finger locking system. The Ant Lock is ambidextrous, and it requires little effort to unlock the knife. This new locking mechanism also removes the need for a liner in the handle, and this allows Steel Will to remove weight while still offering a quality knife. There is no price point or exact release date on the Ant Lock series, but the company hopes to launch it later in 2017.



Another great knife manufacturer available at Gritr Sports, Havalon, had two new double blade folding knives on display at SHOT this year. The first, the Rebel Bone Collector model offers styling from the popular TV show, and a similar EXP knife has the same style without the Bone Collector branding. Each knife uses AUS steel, and they all will ship with a blade remover so you can replace the sharp blade opposite the classic folding knife. Each model retails for $69.99 and they launch in March/April this year.


HEAT Factory

Finally, we stopped by a new-comer we’re looking to cover more in 2017, HEAT Factory warmers. Of particular note was the Battery Operated Clothing line that offers jackets, gloves, scarfs, beanies and more. These devices have high/medium/low settings and they generally run 4-5 hours depending on the setting level. They have internal batteries that use universal USB charging, and all the batteries are removable so you can swap out on a long day.

We took a closer look at their next emerging product, the HEAT Factory Hand Warmer Toaster Muff today at SHOT. This hand warmer muff fits around your waist like what a football quarterback uses, but it provides heat with a steel heating element (a step up from the usual carbon fiber elements). The muff is available in either black or Mossy Oak camo pattern, and it will have a larger front pocket to keep your gear in. The device accepts any 5V battery (it comes with a compact model), and if you buy a larger battery with more than one USB port you can run the heater and charge your phone or other device at the same time. There is no set release date on the Toaster Muff right now, but the company expects a rough September release date. Tentative MSRP is $89.


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