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SHOT Show 2017 Day Three

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Up today we’ve got more from SHOT Show 2017 including a ton of new items from Leupold, new pistols from Remington, CZ, and Ruger, and a premium long range rifle from Ruger.


Leupold has a lot of great new products on the SHOT floor this year, but perhaps what is most intriguing is the new approach the company is taking with their image. Styled as “American To The Core,” we are reminded of Leupold’s 110 year history as a true American craftsman, and today 700 employees still build every part of their scopes in Oregon. Best off all, we can expect many new announcements from Leupold this year timed with different hunting and shooting seasons, but more to come on that later. As far as new products go, Leupold has retooled the VX-6 line to include the light management tech they first showcased in the VX-3i line last year. The result in an extremely bright scope with all the great features you’ve come to expect in the VX-6. The VX-6 updates will retail from $1199 to $1699 depending on the model. Also new is an addition to the VX-3i series, the LRP, which is an entry-level first focal plane scope ranging from $899 to $1100.

Leupold’s military scope tech is showcased in the new Mark 8 Black Ring updates that are torture-tested by Leupold’s lab techs and their “punisher” recoil-simulating machine. Every black ring scope goes through 10,000 individual impacts by the punisher (Gold Ring scopes get a still substantial 5000), and then each scope is frozen and submerged in warm water before they are mounted again to ensure they work like a brand new model. Better yet, Leupold has cut the weight of this scope when compared to similar brands down to just 30 oz., and they’ve cut the price too. The Mark 8 is now $2999. Also getting a price point cut is the Delta Point Pro optic that’s now available for $100 less.

Leupold Mark 8.

One final scope update from Leupold comes in the VX-R Patrol Fire Dot scopes where an internal scope level has been placed in the optic. Now when the scope isn’t held level the dot will blink, but when you’re level the dot turns solid, giving you positive feedback on your position right in the scope.

As for binoculars, Leupold has moved away from the black finish of models past and instead gone with a flat gray finish on their models instead. All 2017 binoculars will also ship with a retro looking bino case instead of the black ones from before. Leupold is offering a new entry-level model in the Tioga with HD glass, and it’s set to compete with similar price point brands at $269.

Leupold Tioga binoculars in flat gray.

Next, Leupold has their own entry into a thermal scope with LTO Thermal hand-held device. This compact thermal scope offers up to 6x magnification (push button adjusted), several different color modes, and a fast 30hz refresh rate. It can pick up targets up to 600 yards away, and you can spot individual animals up to 200 yards. Built especially for scouting and game recovery, the LTO retails for $699 and it will more than pay for itself if you’ve lost game in the past.


Finally, Leupold has more lifestyle apparel on the way like shirts, hats and bags, but what’s really appealing is the new outerwear line. Leupold has added a nice little Easter egg in a Golden Ring on one sleeve of their base layer shirts.



Remington has some nice additions to their handgun line on display this SHOT Show including the new RP9 and the Model 1911 R1 Hunter Series. The RP9 is a full size polymer-framed handgun from Remington available in both .45 ACP and 9mm. Remington has loaded this pistol with a ton of features like an optimized grip angle that fits the majority of shooter’s hands, the option of three interchangeable grip panels, and a high capacity double stack magazine (15+1 in .45 and 18+1 in 9mm). There is a PVD finish on the slide and barrel, a reversible mag release, and a loaded chamber indicator is a nice extra safety measure. For $489 this is an attractive offering from Remington.


Of equal interest is the 1911 R1 Hunter designed to keep hunters safe in dangerous country. Built off the classic 1911 design, this handgun is chambered in 10mm and it sports a match-grade barrel. It comes in several different styles and the most expensive models are in the $1310 – $1350 range.



On to another big pistol announcement at SHOT, CZ has finally released their P-10 C striker-fired pistol this year. CZ has worked on this handgun for a long time, and this solid design is available in both .40 S&W and 9mm. The P-10 trigger is specifically designed to offer more performance than other stock triggers with a 4 – 4.5 lb. pull and fast reset. The grip looks and feels great as well, and a lot of ergonomic styling has gone into its development. The magazine has 15+1 capacity in 9mm, and the takedown works similar to other striker-fired pistols shooters are familiar with. The long wait is over for the P-10 and the result is well-worth a closer look, especially if you’re a CZ fan.



Ruger has the Mark IV on display at SHOT this year, and it’s a worthwhile update to the popular Mark III pistol line. The big thing here is one-button takedown that makes field stripping and cleaning much easier than in the Mark III. The button is located on the rear of the frame, and this important update is sure to ring well with fans of the Mark III or earlier models. There is also a stylish variation of the series in the Mark IV 22/45 pistol. One look and this pistol is unforgettable. It has an aerospace-aluminum receiver to cut weight and a threaded barrel for accessories. However what’s really interesting is the 1911 style grip found on the Mark IV 22/45. Of course the one-button takedown is present on this model as well.

Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistol.

Long range shooters will love the Ruger Precision Rifle series available in .308 and 6 and 6.5 Creedmoor. This long-range ready rifle comes with welcome features like an included muzzle break, a Ruger Precision MSR Stock (with QD sling points), and a Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger from 2.25 – 5 lbs. As a nice little bonus you get two 10 round Magpul PMAGs as part of the kit. Essentially this rifle is ready for long range action right out of the box, you just need the scope to mount on top of it.


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