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Loyalty Rewards Program: Exclusive Benefits for Registered Customers

As you might know, Gritr Sports is an online retailer of shooting sports equipment with a physical gun store in North Richland Hills, TX. We are one of many gun stores in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and, like many other stores, we consider our customers to be the lifeblood of our business. As such, we try to keep you happy and satisfied through every means possible. Our Customer Rewards program is one of the ways of doing so. In this short article, we explain the working principles of our loyalty program so that everyone interested, be they a Dallas gun store habitue or an internet discount hunter, can find out how easy it is to benefit from them.

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Register For The Rewards Program

To become a member of the Gritr Sports Loyalty Program, the first thing you need to do is register your account. Once you have an account, you will become automatically eligible for all the discounts granted by our Rewards Program. The registration process only takes a minute or two to complete and will only require you to provide some basic information. You can also log in using your Facebook or Google account and cut the registration process down to a few seconds.

Buy & Earn Discount Dollars

Now to the rewards themselves. The good thing about Gritr Sports Rewards is that you won’t need to wait for them to start kicking in. No point accumulation that spans over months – the bonus starts working immediately. You are eligible for it the moment you register.

Our reward system operates on simple terms: buy some – save some. Here are the milestones you need to reach to become eligible for corresponding discounts.

  • $300 – $3
  • $500 – $5
  • $750 – $7.5
  • $1000+ – $10
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Discounts are immediately applied to your cart once you reach the relevant price threshold. You will find the amount displayed both in the cart and on the checkout page. The amount of discount between the neighboring price thresholds remains the same. Whether you spend $301 or $499, the discount remains $3. 

Cart Discounts

The discount is calculated based on the price of your whole cart, not separate items. That means two things. First, you can either buy one expensive product or many cheaper items to reach the threshold – you will be eligible either way. Second, the discount applies to the whole cart, not separate items. For example, if you buy three items costing $300, you won’t receive a $3 discount for each of them. Instead, you will receive a $7.5 discount for your whole cart.

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Discounts That Always Apply

You know how many shops have their Loyalty Programs only apply to items that are not currently on promo? We’ve come across a few gun stores in Dallas that do that. Well, that’s not the case for us. We stack discounts because there is no such thing as too many discounts. We buy things ourselves, you know, and like discounts just as much as you do. So if you see an item on sale, know that you will still get a few dollars off on top of that thanks to the Gritr Sports Rewards Program.

You won’t save hundreds of dollars from a single purchase (are there even shops that allow that?), but our Reward Program allows you to save some money right away, with no deferred savings. Our frequent customers will see the saved sum gradually build up and that’s what the Loyalty Program is meant for. 

We are looking forward to seeing you reaping the benefits of our program yourself.

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To register, simply create an account on our website. The process is quick and requires only basic information. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account to make the process even faster. Once registered, you’re automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program.

The rewards start applying immediately after you register. There’s no need to wait or accumulate points over time. As soon as you’re registered and make a purchase, you’re eligible for discounts.

The program offers discounts at various spending thresholds:

  • Spend $300, save $3
  • Spend $500, save $5
  • Spend $750, save $7.5
  • Spend $1000 or more, save $10

Discounts are applied to your total cart value, not individual items, and are displayed at both the cart and checkout stages.

Yes, one of the unique benefits of our Loyalty Program is that discounts stack on top of sales prices. Unlike some other stores, if an item is on sale, you can still apply your loyalty discount to save even more.

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