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Holster Brands To Consider

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Are you in the market for a new holster for your handgun or revolver? It can be tough to wade through all the options, but not to worry, we’ve listed out several great holster brands you can find right here at Gritr Sports. From all the must-have conceal and carry holsters to open carry and hunting holsters, many of these brands have you covered no matter what you’re after. Let’s take a look:

A Word On Materials

You’ll find four main materials used in holsters. The first two are based off of animal materials, and they are preferred by many for their traditional feel. The first is cowhide, which is a type of leather that is commonly found in holsters. An alternative to cowhide is horsehide, and while horsehide can be stiffer, it is typically a thinner material. Cowhide on the other hand is thicker but it is a bit softer and therefore easier to break in. When selecting a natural holster from these materials, take into account where you’ll be wearing it. The stiffer horsehide material might be preferable for outside the waistband wear while cowhide holsters may be better for IWB.

Nylon, especially ballistic nylon, is used in a lot of holsters because of its durability. It was originally used in flak jackets, but today you’ll find it used in a variety of outdoor gear including belts, backpacks and of course holsters. Ballistic nylon is very hard to tear or separate making it perfect for use in holsters. Thermoplastic or plastic holsters are solid mold holsters that do not wear like cowhide or horsehide holsters. Thermoplastic holsters are rigid, but the upside is they can be fairly thin and require no break-in period.


Galco, once known as The Famous Jackass Leather Company, was founded in 1969, but the company really took off when its Jackass shoulder holsters were associated with the hit 80s TV show Miami Vice. These days shoulder holsters are still very cool but not as desired for practical use, and Galco has responded by developing several lines of conceal and carry specific holsters. They also have other specialty holsters for open carry purposes like hunting and western-style holsters.

Galco Matrix paddle holster.

As far as holster styles go, you can find shoulder holsters in both the Jackass and homage Miami Classic models as well as some other variations, and open carry models like hunting and western-style holsters. Other holster models include ankle holsters, belt holsters, horsehide holsters, IWB holsters, Matrix (thermoplastic) holsters, paddle holsters, pocket holsters and pocketbook holsters. Finally Galco makes a complete line of conceal and carry handbags for women.


Houge is another big name in holster brands, and the company was founded around the same time as Galco: 1968. Hogue is not just known for their holsters, and they also produce firearm grips, stocks, laser sights and knives. Hogue holsters are known for their Automatic Retention System (ARS) that retains your firearm until it is released by a thumb-activated switch. Most holsters also cant to aid in weapon draw. This system is found in the Hogue Stage 1, Stage 2 and thigh rig models.

Hogue ARS Stage 1 Carry Holster.

Hogue holsters (aside from their thigh rig models) are belt or paddle holsters made out of thermoplastic materials.


Founded in 1978, Fobus originally manufactured leather holsters, but later they became the first to use thermoplastic materials in holsters. Fobus offers both active and passive retention in their polymer holsters. Their passive retention holsters come in two different variations, and certain models can be adjusted by a retention screw while others have a set retention level with no screw adjustment. Fobus active retention models use a thumb release or a trigger guard locking system.

Fobus Roto-Belt holster.

Fobus offers most holster styles (with fixed and rotating options) including IWB, belt, paddle, shoulder, and ankle as well as thigh rigs and MOLLE attachment holsters.

Uncle Mike’s

Uncle Mike’s was founded shortly after WWII in 1947, and they’ve been providing holsters, cases, slings and ammo holders ever since. Also known as Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement, the company is comprised of private, tactical and law enforcement specific lines. As far as materials go, Uncle Mike’s uses thermoplastic and ballistic nylon for the majority of their lines.

Uncle Mike’s tuckable IWB holster.

Uncle Mike’s holster models include IWB, belt, paddle, pocket, ankle, MOLLE models. There are also some specialty holsters like thigh / drop leg and belly band holsters. In their law enforcement line, they make a duty line of holsters with thumb break and retention screw features.


Safariland is another law enforcement specific company that focuses on holster manufacturing as well as less lethal products, advanced communication systems and ballistic / duty gloves. The company was founded in 1964 and began by making custom holsters named after the safaris that the founder’s father liked to take. Safariland manufacters a diverse line of holsters including open carry, concealed and carry and western style models. As far as materials go, Safariland uses leather, ballistic nylon and thermoplastic. Safariland features several unique retention systems like the Grip Lock System (GLS) that moves the release down the holster so the middle finger releases it instead of the thumb. There are also thumb released models available in the Automatic Locking System (ALS) series.

Safariland ALS Level 3 duty holster.

Safariland’s holster variations are numerous and include belt, IWB, paddle, shoulder, ankle and pocket. They also manufacture thigh rigs and a wealth of western-style holster models.

Is there a holster brand missing that you want us to carry? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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