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GritR Sports and Outdoors adds premium pistol brand – Staccato

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GritR Sports and Outdoors – Dallas/Fort Worth’s fastest growing Firearms Retailer, recently added Staccato (formerly known as STI International) to their firearm offerings. Staccato is a local manufacturer, based out of Georgetown, TX offering 100% American made Premium quality handguns. Staccato has 25 years of building (and perfecting) “The World’s Best Shooting Handguns”. They have made their mark by improving the American Classic – Browning 1911 into the pristine, high quality, high performance 2011 platform that they are known for today.

“GritR Sports has always aligned itself with high quality, American made brands, and Staccato aligns itself with dealers who can provide a top notch customer experience. We are a perfect match” stated Zach Meraz, General Manager of Retail Operations at GritR Sports. 

GritR Sports and Staccato are aligned in the vision of quality experience, by individuals who make it possible for our customers to embrace their freedoms. “We are both based out of Texas and we are both proud to have Veteran lead teams. Both companies have over 25% Veterans and LEOs among their ranks” Stated Zach Meraz. 

GritR Sports and Outdoors has been offering a variety of high quality firearms and outdoors focused brands for over 10 years. They currently have one of the largest selections of firearms and ammunition in DFW, and house a 22 lane indoor shooting range. In their joint partnership with Staccato, GritR Sports and Outdoors offers the entire Staccato line for rent – at their gun range. “Come on down and test out the best handguns ever made, and then buy one!” jokes Range manager Eric Neal. Superior quality and superior performance is at your fingertips – at our store.

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