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Diamond Archery: A Bow Hunting Asset

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Diamond Archery is a subbrand of Bowtech, inc. These bows are sturdy, precise, and packed with top-notch technologies. We offer a wide selection of hunting bows by Bowtech’s Diamond Archery at One of the things distinguishing Diamond Archery bows is adjustability. Each model can be adjusted to fit your height, strength and specific hunting scenarios.

We’ll take a look at four Diamond Archery compound bows, their differences and common features

Bow Model Draw weight Draw length Axle to Axle Arrow Speed
Edge 320 7-70 lbs 15-31 in 32 in 320 ft/sec
Carbon Knockout 40, 50, 60 lbs 22.5-27 in 30 in 302 ft/sec
Infinite Edge Pro 5-70 lbs 13-31 in 31 in 310 ft/sec
Edge SB-1 7-70 lbs 15-30 in 31 in 318 ft/sec

As you can see, three of these models have such extensive draw weight adjustability you can let kids practice with them, then readjust them back and hunt some serious game with the same bow. These bows have differences you can see in the table. Here are a few of their common strengths.


We’ve mentioned it above and we still want to stress it. Buying a Diamond Archery bow is like buying several bows to fit different archers and different demands.

Synchronized Binary Cam System

The Synchronized Binary Cam System seems to be a source of Bowtech’s specific pride. Two completely symmetrical cams rotate simultaneously providing for flawless nock travel and smooth, consistent let-off.

EZ Adjust Pocket

Featured in Edge 320 and Edge SB-1 bows. Adjust poundage by simply turning the limb bolt. All you need to adjust it is a regular Allen wrench. This with the visible poundage increments makes adjustment quick and easy.

Why Hunt With A Bow?

Okay, we’ve listed what makes Diamond bows great. But why hunt with a bow, many would ask. Arrows are slower than bullets, they suffer windage and gravity to a greater extend… Even merely aiming a bow is much more complicated than doing so with a firearm.

First let’s ask ourselves, why do we hunt in the first place. Our ancient ancestors HAD to hunt. Every step they took to craft new tools, invent new tactics and hone their skills ensured their survival and, eventually, let us be around to discuss it. For us, on the other hand, it’s a choice rather than necessity. We can buy meat in any supermarket, and yet so many choose to spend so much of their free time on what they could get with much less effort.

The exact reasons can vary. Some hunters want to know where their food comes from. For many it’s a competitive sport. Also, hunting is addictive. There’s something primal and archetypical about getting far from civilization with just what you can carry, surviving and coming back with food. The food that you bloody well earned. That satisfaction is different from the one you get by simply tasting good steak.

And hunting with a bow is about as primal as it gets. There’s no gunpowder to launch the arrow for you, only your own strength. No illuminated holdover dot, only your eyesight. You have to get closer, aim under considerable physical effort and take windage into greater account.

With all the technical advances, Diamond Archery hits the sweet spot between latest advancements and the primal challenge of hunting. These bows function smoothly and offer high repeatability. Still, with Diamond Archery hunting bows the challenge is still there, so you can focus on your performance and not the bow’s. And adjustable draw weight and length can make Diamond bows suitable for archers of any physique and proficiency. Check out Diamond Archery bows at

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