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Best Outdoor Dog Gear: Adventure Must-Haves

It’s hard to think of a more reliable outdoor companion or hunting buddy than a dog. They are natural predators and our best friends, so that kind of checks out. But just as you need equipment for pursuing the great outdoors or hunting, your loyal companion may benefit from a thing or two as well. And so we welcome you to our comprehensive guide on outdoor adventure dog gear. If you’re an avid outdoorsperson and a dog parent, this read is for you. In this guide, we’ll delve into various types of dog gear that can enhance your pet’s safety and comfort during your adventures.

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hunting dog parka

Dog Parkas

Dog parkas are specialized articles of clothing designed to provide insulation and protection for dogs in harsh weather conditions. They are particularly useful for hunting dogs that often find themselves in challenging and unpredictable environments.

Purpose of Dog Parkas

Some people believe that nature has already taken care of the dogs by giving them fur, so there is no need to further insulate them. This belief proves to be accurate, but not entirely. Some breeds do boast thick fur that makes them relatively impervious to cold (those are usually Northern breeds like huskies and malamutes). And even if we talk about milder fall hunts, the majority of dogs should be pretty OK, right? After all, you don’t take just any breed for hunting, those pups aren’t frail. There is no arguing with that. And yet, hunting breeds might benefit from wearing parkas.

Insulation: The primary purpose of a dog parka is to keep your hunting dog warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions. The wilderness will always be colder than a city or a town, so even if you don’t dress your dog for regular walks, you might want to do so for a trip. Hunting dogs are often exposed to low temperatures when they are out in the field during the fall or winter seasons. The parka acts as an insulating layer, trapping body heat and preventing it from escaping. After all, you wouldn’t want your bestest companion to be freezing, right?

Protection from Elements: Dog parkas also guard their wearers from wind and rain, further ensuring their comfort. Some parkas are also designed to be waterproof, keeping your dog dry during particularly humid or dewy weather. A wet dog is quick to become a cold dog, and yours deserves all the warmth and care you can give them.

Physical Protection: Dog parkas also protect against brush and undergrowth, which are way too common in hunting environments. Your dog is likely to roam a lot, so collisions with thorns and thickets are unavoidable. A parka can protect your pet from brambles and sharp branches lest they scathe their skin and coat.

Increased Visibility: Finally, there is the visibility aspect. Many dog parkas come in bright colors or have reflective strips. This increased visibility is extremely beneficial when hunting in low-light conditions or dense areas. You will have an easier time spotting your dog, and the same goes for other hunters in the vicinity.

hunting dog vest

Dog Vests

Much that applies to parkas can also be said about dog vests. However, while both garments protect your dog and allow them to perform at their best, they have distinct purposes and are suited to different conditions.

The primary function of a dog parka is insulation. Parkas are usually waterproof and provide a high degree of coverage, protecting dogs from wind, rain and snow.

A dog vest, on the other hand, is typically used for protection against physical hazards in the environment, such as undergrowth, thorns, or even snake bites. While some vests also offer insulation, their primary function is protection, not warmth. So, if you expect your hunting grounds to be treacherous, you might want to boost your companion’s defenses. 

Dog Blankets

Dog blankets may seem like simple accessories, but that doesn’t diminish the benefits they can provide. They are especially useful when camping overnight or during breaks in the field, providing a familiar and comfortable spot for your dog to rest.

Why Hunting Dogs Might Need a Blanket

Warmth: One of the primary reasons to use a dog blanket is to provide warmth. Should you decide not to buy a parka, it might be a good idea to have at least some means of warming your dog up after they return. During breaks or overnight stays, a blanket can help your dog retain body heat and keep them comfortable.

Comfort: Sooner or later, your dog will start to recognize the blanket and associate it with rest. It’s a conditioned reflex, nothing magical. Thus, a blanket can give your dog a soft and familiar place to rest, which can be particularly comforting in an unfamiliar environment.

Protection: If your hunting trip includes overnight camping, a dog blanket makes for a great protection layer between your dog and the ground, shielding them from cold, dampness and insects.

Hygiene: A dog blanket can help keep your dog cleaner, especially if you’re camping or resting in muddy or dusty areas. It keeps dirt off their coat, unless they come dirty as a hog, that is.

dog training birds

HexaBumpers and Training Birds

HexaBumpers, such as those manufactured by Avery, offer a revolutionary approach to training hunting dogs. Unlike traditional round bumpers or dummies, HexaBumpers have a six-sided design that eliminates many of the disadvantages of traditional bumpers, offering easier grip and superior hold.

HexaBumpers come in different sizes, like 2 inches and 3 inches, making them suitable for both large dogs and small or young dogs. They are designed with raised VGrips that promote better holding and less sliding in wet mouths – an essential feature for dogs that retrieve in water. The valveless design ensures the bumpers won’t take in water, extending their life and usability.

But bumpers shouldn’t be the only pieces of dog training gear in your possession. Sooner or later, your dog might get tired from bringing the same old bumper. If you want to bring more variety into your training to keep the dog engaged, you might want to try bird-shaped tools. These items simulate the size, weight, and feel of actual game birds, helping your dog get accustomed to retrieving real prey.

Why Get Retrieval Bumpers?

Training your hunting dog to retrieve items properly is crucial for several reasons:

Efficiency: A well-trained hunting dog can retrieve game quickly and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of it getting lost.

Preventing Damage: Proper retrieval training ensures that your dog will bring the game back without causing unnecessary damage. This is particularly important for hunters who intend to use or sell their trophies. 

Safety: Retrieval training also includes teaching the dog to give up the item willingly to the handler. This covers two aspects. Firstly, dogs are predators and might not be too willing to give up something they could take a bite of. Secondly, it is important for the dog’s own safety, especially when retrieving game that could potentially harm them, like larger animals or those with sharp teeth or antlers.

Building a Working Relationship: Retrieval training is also an excellent opportunity to build a working relationship with your dog. It helps establish you as the leader and teaches the dog to follow your commands, which is crucial for effective hunting.

Educational Materials

Training a hunting dog is a rewarding but challenging task that requires, apart from dedication and patience, accurate knowledge and techniques. It’s good to have a strategy of your own, but it might end up being not effective. Training a dog is not an easy feat, so there is no shame in turning to professionals for advice. Fortunately, there are many educational materials available to assist you with this process, including videos and books.

Videos might be a more beneficial choice as they offer a visual and auditory learning experience. It’s much easier to study when you can see things in reality instead of imagining them in your head. That can be especially helpful in understanding complex training techniques that might be hard to comprehend, let alone execute. Training DVDs often include step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and real-life examples of training scenarios. We have a series called “Duck Dog Basics” that covers the process of training a retriever dog.

Importance of Following Professionals’ Tips

Professional trainers have years, if not decades, of experience in working with dogs. They’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t, and they’ve learned how to avoid common mistakes that can hinder a dog’s progress or lead to behavioral issues.

Following professional tips and advice can help you:

Save Time: By learning from their experience, you can avoid common pitfalls and speed up the training process.

Prevent Mistakes: Incorrect training methods can lead to unwanted behaviors or stress in your dog. Professionals can help you avoid these mistakes and ensure your training is effective and humane.

Understand Your Dog Better: Professional trainers understand dog behavior deeply. Their insights can help you better understand your dog’s needs, behaviors, and learning style, further bolstering the effectiveness of your training.

Achieve Better Results: Finally, following professional advice can simply lead to better results. That’s what all the abovementioned things combined lead to. Of course, every dog is a person of its own and only you know what might work better or worse, but learning from the wisdom of others is a sound idea.

dog tracking collar

Tracking Collar & Devices

To many a dog owner’s sorrow, it’s not uncommon for dogs to get lost. Being out in the wild doesn’t by any means prevent them from doing so. Tracking collars and similar devices can preclude this misfortune by constantly informing you of the dog’s whereabouts. You’ll need a collar with a pre-installed GPS tracker and a tracking handheld that displays the data gathered from the tracker. Those come in particularly handy if you are training several dogs simultaneously. Some advanced models also include features like beacon lights, bark limiters, activity trackers and training cue providers.

Popular brands in this field include Garmin, SportDOG, and Dogtra, each offering a range of products with varying features to suit different needs.

Why One May Need to Track Their Hunting Dog

Tracking your hunting dog is crucial for several reasons:

Safety: Hunting environments can be unpredictable. And dangerous. Your dog might encounter wild animals or hazardous terrain or get lost, carried away by the miscellany of smells. A tracking device allows you to monitor your dog’s location continuously and ensure their safety.

Recovery: If your dog does get lost, a tracking collar makes it much easier to find and retrieve them. Modern GPS collars can provide precise location data, helping you find your dog quickly.

Monitoring Health and Performance: Many modern tracking devices also include activity monitors. These features can help you track your dog’s fitness levels, monitor their health, and optimize their performance.

Additional Features: All these might be only one of the numerous features a single device can provide. There are also lights that will make your furry friend shine in low light conditions and bark limiters that can cool down their fervor. 

dog boat loading platforms

Loading Platforms

Dogs assist in retrieving all sorts of game, waterfowl included. And waterfowl happen to like water, so sometimes a boat is due. Loading platforms for boats, such as the Load-A-Pup platform by Great Day, are specifically designed to assist dogs in getting in and out of boats safely and easily. If your dog frequently retrieves game from water, you can’t do without a loading platform.

These platforms are typically constructed of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring durability without encumbering your boat. The Load-A-Pup platform, for example, features a gray-green powder-coat finish that blends with surroundings and remains concealed while hunting.

The surface of these platforms often includes gripping ridges to ensure a solid, safe footing for your dog as they climb back onto the boat. This is crucial as wet surfaces can be very slippery making it arduously hard for your dog to get in or posing a risk of injury.

Why a Loading Platform is a Must

Here are a few reasons why loading platforms for boats are a must if you have a hunting dog:

Safety: The primary reason to use a loading platform is to ensure your dog’s safety. Climbing in and out of a boat can be difficult and dangerous for a dog, especially in rough water or weather conditions. A loading platform provides a stable and secure footing for your dog to get back into the boat.

Ease of Use: Loading platforms make it easy for your dog to re-enter the boat after swimming, reducing the need for you to physically lift them. This benefits you and your dog, sparing you both the need to make an extra effort to reunite.

Protection for Your Boat: Dogs scrambling to get back into a boat can inadvertently cause damage, especially to the paintwork or upholstery. It is nothing compared to your dog’s getting back safely, but who said you need to sacrifice one to get the other? A loading platform protects your boat by providing a designated area for your dog to climb aboard.

Comfort for Your Dog: Finally, a loading platform makes the hunt less tiring for your dog, reducing stress and fatigue from trying to climb into the boat every now and then. This can help keep them happy and focused on their job.


Choosing the right adventure dog gear is key to ensuring your pet has as much of a good time outdoors as you. There is a plethora of things you can get, and you might not need every single one of them. Each piece of gear plays its own role in ensuring a positive outdoor experience for your pet. Remember, the happiest dog is the one cared for. Show your appreciation and love by equipping your friend properly.

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What are the benefits of a dog parka for the outdoors?

Dog parkas provide warmth and protection to your pet in cold, wet or windy conditions so common for the outdoors. They ensure your dog remains comfortable during outdoor trips, allowing them to enjoy the experience without getting cold.

What’s the purpose of training bumpers and birds?

Training bumpers and birds are used as retrieval training tools for dogs. They help to develop and refine your dog’s fetching and hunting skills, which are indispensable during hunting trips.

Why should I consider getting a tracking collar for my dog?

To never let your furry friend get lost. A tracking collar uses GPS technology to monitor your dog’s location. This can be vital on outdoor adventures as it allows you to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts and find them quickly if they wander off or get lost.

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