TruGlo® Hip•Shot™ Adaptive Shooting Rest Review


By Nancy Jo Adams

Stalk-hunting game on any terrain can be challenging when the shot presents itself. Often the opportunity can present itself quickly, whereas other times a shooter may have to wait an extended time for the perfect presentation, a firearm at the ready. Then there are situations where a hunter may have just scaled a very intense hill or mountainside, winded and fatigued, when everything comes together quickly, and a solid rest is critical to making an ethical shot. Shooting rests are essential in many hunting scenarios.

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Adaptive to various shooting styles

There are numerous styles and brands of shooting rests available: monopods, bipods, tripods, some full-size, others telescoping. Then there is the TruGlo® Hip•Shot™ Adaptive Shooting Rest. The Hip•Shot™ is versatile monopod-style rest for use when stalking, hunting from a ground blind, hunting from a tree stand, shooting from a table or bench, or any situation where stability and accuracy are needed. Adaptable to standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone positions, the Hip•Shot’s unique three-point, monopod-style can be used with rifles, muzzleloaders, and shotguns.


Convenient features

The lightweight Hip•Shot telescopes easily from a folded compact size. The adjustable wrist sling has a quick release snap for attachment to a backpack or belt for quick access. The rest also stores easily in the back pouch of a turkey vest or backpack. The telescoping design is customizable to any sized shooter. The rubber ball on the end of the rest comfortable sits on the hip or solidly on the ground or stand platform. The telescoping arm has up to nine inches in adjustments that are clearly marked. Just grip the ball end, turn the arm until it starts to telescope, adjust to the increment desired, then turn the ball to tighten the arm solidly in place. The vertical grip is padded and allows for the exact angle of adjustment of the forearm when the ball-end is braced against the hip or on the ground, allowing for solid three-point support when standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone.


The lightweight aluminum Hip•Shot™ weighs 12.8 ounces and is concealable with a flat dark earth finish. When the hand grip is folded for mobility, the rest has an overall measurement of 15.5 inches and telescopes from 20 to 29 inches. The universal thread mount allows you to use a camera or various optics when extra support is needed. A freestanding base converts the Hip•Shot™ for use on a table or shooting bench. With minimal adjustments, the rest can be adjusted quickly for customized accuracy.

Perfect Solution for Tree Stands

For out of state DIY hunts, I have several simple tree stands I use when traveling that pack down easily and do not take up much space; however, these stands do not have a front rail. I find myself needing a stable shooting rest the most in these type tree stands. Many shooting rests do not conform readily to this situation; they don’t adjust quickly, and often have limitations. The Hip•Shot™ not only allows for quick, stable hip adjustment but also offers a reliable, sturdy rest from a seated position in a tree stand to give the shooter a more extensive unobstructed shot range without readjusting the rest.


TruGlo® offers the Hip•Shot™ Adaptive Shooting Rest for rifles, muzzleloaders and shotguns. There is also a Hip•Shot™ version for Crossbows, which accommodates the crossbow’s wider stock and safely keeps the hand away from the crossbow’s rail.

The packable, lightweight, adjustable rest offers a wide range of movement making it one of the most versatile and convenient rests available. Adding a TruGlo® Hip•Shot™ Adaptive Shooting Rest to your hunting gear is a guarantee that you will have the solid reliable support you need on your next hunting excursion.


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