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GritrSports Texas Hog Hunt

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Ever wondered what a hog hunt in Texas is like? Well we want to take you along on a recent hunt. A few weeks ago, a couple Gritr Sports employees headed out to their deer lease for a day of work and then an evening hog hunt. This is their experience hunting wild boar in Texas.


We have a deer lease in NE Texas right along the Angelina River. It’s about 1500 acres of property, and although the river runs through the property, the hunting camp is positioned on the other side of the lease away from the river. The majority of the property is wooded bottom land. On Sunday morning, we arrived and prepared to cut firewood for the camp as well as get things prepared for the coming deer season. After a long day of preparing deer camp, we headed out on an evening hog hunt. That evening was a special time to hunt because it coincided with the supermoon. We’ll tell the story below with photos and video. But first, let’s check out the gear we brought on the hunt:

Equipment List

All the hard work preparing a deer lease for the season has to be rewarded somehow. After the work was done, we brought some great gear for the evening hunt.

Remington 700 Tactical In .308

The Remington 700 SPS Tactical is a great rifle for a hog hunt, and although it is bolt action and you have to make the first shot count, the .308 provides more than enough power to get the job done. The rifle sports a black matte finish, and it has a 20″ heavy barrel. Other features include a X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger and a Supercell recoil pad that you’ll find on a lot of Remington 870 Shotguns as well.

Our rifle setup consisting of a Remington 700 Tactical in .308, Vortex Viper PST scope, Harris Bipod, Winchester Razorback XT 150 Grain loads, and a Pelican rifle case.

Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP, MRAD

Mounted on top of the Rem 700 Tactical is a rifle scope packed with tactical features too. The Vortex Viper PST consists of a one-piece 30mm scope body, and it has matching reticle and turret adjustments so you can quickly dial your shot in. The reticle itself is an illuminated EBR-1 (Enhanced Battle Reticle) in MRAD, and while we were using a first focal plane reticle, the scope can also be purchased with a second focal plane reticle instead. Even in the lighting conditions of hunting at dusk, the Viper PST performed admirably, especially by the light of the supermoon that night.

Harris Bipod

Harris makes excellent bipods just right for precision shooting situations like the hog hunt that Sunday night. Harris bipod legs are attachable, and they flip up when not in use. Harris also makes adapters for rifles that don’t come with bipod studs.

Winchester Razorback XT 150 grain .308

The right rifle setup requires the right ammo for the job. That’s why we chose Winchester’s specially designed wild boar loads. Razorback XT loads feature a protected hollow point and they provide maximum penetration and significant expansion once they hit the target.

Pelican Rifle Case

Pelican cases provide a perfect seal that won’t break or leak when you’re out in the field, and that’s why we chose a Peli case to protect their rifle. The foam lining inside Pelican cases can also be customized to provide a tailored fit for the rifle.

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Rangefinder

The Scout DX 1000 is specially designed for hunting applications, and we’ll use this Bushnell rangefinder again later on this year when we turn our attention to deer. The Scout DX has 6x magnification, and it has a built-in inclinometer to measure changes in elevation when hunting more dynamic terrain. We also match up the Scout to ballistic charts that Bushnell provides.

Mossy Oak Camo

We wore time-tested Mossy Oak Camo on our afternoon / evening hunting trip. It was mostly lightweight woodland camo for the warm weather hog hunt.

Honda Rancher 420 ATV

When we’re hunting a big property like our hunting lease, an ATV is must have transportation. We chose the Honda Rancher 420 for the job, and its just the right ATV for traveling on trails or hauling out game like hogs or deer.

The Hunt

The day started with a long morning of chopping firewood.


But by mid-afternoon we managed to refill our supply for the hunting season.
Plenty of memories around the camp like Jimmie’s Trophy…
After the work was done, it was time to get the rifle ready for action.


My friend Clint and I headed out for an afternoon hunt. The stand is about two miles from camp, and we arrived there in time to watch for hogs as the sun set.


The property is rich with hogs, and we set up and waited for one to approach as it got dark. We had plenty of luck looking through the Viper PST scope due to the bright light from the supermoon that night.

Our apologies, we haven’t quite invested in night vision cameras, but it’s easy to see the Winchester Razorback loads really pack a punch.

The hunt concluded with us bagging this hog.

We headed back to camp with the hog tied to our Honda ATV.

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