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Taser Strikelight Review

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By Carlos Huerta

Nobody expects to be the victim of an attack, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. When it does, you’ll want to be prepared. These days many people carry a self-defense weapon: lethal or non-lethal. The newest addition to my everyday carry collection is the Taser Strikelight. This tool makes the perfect addition to your glovebox, bag, or backpack. This is a great discrete protection tool to have while on late night walks, walking the dog, or just running some errands. Combining the usefulness of a high intensity flashlight with a stun gun, this is a perfect hybrid that no attacker would ever expect. The Taser Strikelight is useful in a variety of situations. This stun gun device was designed for convenience and protection in everyday situations.


Taser Strikelight

The high voltage stun of the Taser Strikelight both startles and repels attackers. Even just hearing the loud crackling alone can make someone jump. The Strikelight is 80 lumens, which is sufficient enough to light your path or even search for your keys. The light beam can reach up to 55 ft. and it works with a 70 degree beam angle. Even though 80 lumens doesn’t sound like much, it’s actually incredibly bright. Also, the more powerful the light, the quicker it will drain the battery.

The bright light provides safety but can also deter an attacker if shined in their eyes. If the attacker continues to advance, the loud intimidating sound of the stun gun can definitely scare someone or even something. If they still continue to advance, a simple jolt of 50,000 volts from the powerful stun device will certainly put them down, which also gives you time to escape.




One of the great features of the Strikelight is it is rechargeable. No need to buy extra cartridges like the X26 where spare batteries are required. The rechargeable battery holds up to five hours of light and 100 5-second stun cycles. It takes about eight hours for the light to fully charge. The length of the Strikelight is 8.2 inches and the weight is 0.6 lbs. It’s small and light enough to carry everywhere. The body of the Taser Strikelight is constructed of anodized finished aluminum with a high strength polymer front lens holder. The anti-roll design ensures a firm grip. The exterior can withstand a high impact and provides constant durability.

Strike Face

Another one of my favorite features with the Strikelight is the sharp strike face on both ends of the light. This feature can be used to twist into the attacker, tearing skin while administrating a very powerful jolt of energy. Also, with the claw ends, if you ripped the skin of your attacker and he was able to get away, then now you have the aggressor’s DNA. With the claw ends only, you can do hand to hand combat and cause some serious damage, unlike the Taser Pulse that fires two prongs at the attacker.


Other Features

With the purchase of your Taser Strikelight, you also get one long-life rechargeable battery, a wall charger, and a wrist strap for secure carrying. The flashlight button and the stun button are on the direct opposite of the flashlight’s body. The slide on/off switch turns on the LED and puts the electrodes on standby. Once the flashlight is turned on, activating the stun device is very simple and straightforward.

Field Testing

There are a couple of concerns I have with the Taser Strikelight, namely that the flashlight must be turned on to use the stun gun. With the flashlight on, you know your taser is on standby, however this could possibly lead to some fumbling during an attack. The flashlight must be on to administer the stun. Fortunately this does act as a safety mechanism so you do not stun yourself when the flashlight is off. However you may not want the light on to activate the stun gun as the attacker can see it in the dark. Even so, the average attacker may not view the flashlight as a stun device. Also, you can use the light to shine in the attacker’s eyes to blind them before you stun them. I’ve noticed that even if using the flashlight to find some keys, there have been a couple times whever I’ve accidently hit the stun gun button.


Another concern comes with casual use. While I was out walking, I had my flashlight turned on. When I set it down, I jumped at the sound of loud crackling. Come to find out the yellow stun button was pressed against the concrete, which activated the stun. To be honest, I was close to accidently shocking myself with the stun gun. While the dual switch prevents accidental discharge, the stun button is very touchy, as it should be if I was in any real danger. When you just need the flashlight function and do not intend to use it as a weapon for self-defense, make sure you keep the index finger away from the weapon’s trigger button.


Due to the fact that the Taser flashlight is so easy to discharge, you need to really be careful not to trigger it by accident. Otherwise it’s a good self-defense tool for an affordable price. You can hold this stun taser in your hand, and no one would guess that is more than a simple flashlight. It’s more discrete than carrying a taser gun. Overall, the Taser Strikelight is a ready for action and offers an important tactical advantage. The Strikelight is the perfect balance of safety and security. It combines an 80 lumen flashlight with the stopping power of a stun gun. This non-lethal tool is a useful device for everyday civilian self-defense.


Knowing that the Taser Strikelight looks like a flashlight, no one would ever suspect that you have a powerful tool in your hand. It is compact and goes anywhere. The light is easy to fit in a bag or purse when on the go. Whether you are walking across a dark parking lot or walking the dog at night, the Strikelight is a tool that can make you confident knowing that you have the necessary protection in your hand.

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  • orlando gomezsays:

    December 6, 2018 at 10:58 am

    I have been researching taser products including this one. Thanks for the review. My 2 issues with the Strikelight are the lack of light output and the poor interface to active. With the flashlight market seeing 500+ lumen light down to thumb size lights 80 lumens are ridiculous. Shining this into an attacker’s face under stress and speed of an attack is not a reliable technique.
    The interface to active is not intuitive. I agree that there may be times when the light is not wanted due to not alerting an attacker to your presence. Also under stress the issue of finding buttons on opposite sides of the light would be difficult. I like the form factor and striking ends, what people need to understand is that self defense is not just carrying a gadget. Learning close distance self defense is critical: learning basic fighting skills such as footwork, self protection from strikes and striking with the tool. I have passed this on to Axon, once they address these issues I will be buying this product for my family

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