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Springfield XD Mod 2 Review: A Concealed Carry Paragon?

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By Vic Laboy

Today we will be looking at the Springfield XD Mod 2, a common choice among CCW holders. This firearm, available in a variety of calibers and frame sizes, is ideal for easy concealment, handling, and operation under the most stressful conditions. Springfield Armory is known for quality firearms well suited for defensive and competition shooting. This double-stack, larger-frame pistol is sure to keep you in the fight. It fits comfortably when holstered, and the new and improved sighting system will enhance accuracy for beginner and experienced users alike. Let’s take a closer look at the Springfield XD Mod 2 Pistol.


Taking A Look Back

The Springfield XDM is a polymer framed, striker-fired pistol that made its debut early 2015. While it appears close in relation to is predecessor, the HS2000, otherwise known as the XD, there are notable refinements that separate this firearm from the competition. Over the years, this company has worked to build their reputation and credibility within the industry, creating some of the most sought-after firearms that will perform well at the range and in the field. The XDM rivals models from leading firearms manufacturers including Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, etc.

New Features

When designing a new firearm, it is imperative that you offer something that stands out from the competition. The Springfield XDM, or X-treme Duty, comes with an upgraded match grade barrel and recoil spring. However, they didn’t limit their refinements to the internal components and have made alterations to external components as well.


Grip Zone

One of the first notable features is the molded, more ergonomic “grip-zone.” This new grip texture allows the shooter to feel as though this firearm was engineered specifically for their hand. The Grip Zone provides a comfortable grip for all hand sizes. For smaller hands, you are not limited to the decision between a full-size frame that sacrifices “concealability,” or a smaller-pistol that sacrifices your round capacity. With this firearm, you get the best of both worlds as the XDM compact provides you with two magazines, a compact, 15+1 capacity that rests flush against the magwell, and a full-size, 18+1 capacity with an extended pinky adapter, providing a better grip for increased stability when firing.

High Visibility Front Sight

Springfield has also added a rugged, M1913 picatinny rail for easy attachment of a weapon mounted light. In addition to the improvements made to the lower frame, the slide has also received some added benefits, including the new, high-visibility front sight. The rear, white-dot sights lead you to the red, fiber-optic front sight, allowing for quick target acquisition in lowlight visibility situations. Springfield has also provided three spare, fiber-optic rods in the hard case included from the manufacturer. You can choose from red, green, and orange, which are interchangeable to easily place rounds on target.

Safety Features

Along with these new additions to an already successful platform, this newly designed, striker-fired pistol comes loaded with safety features that negate the requirement for a manual safety. First, Springfield has retained their traditional rear, grip safety, in conjunction with their Ultra Safety Assurance Action Trigger System, working to make the Springfield XD Mod 2 both safe and easy to use. With this firearm, there is no mistaking when a round is chambered as you have two loaded indicators, one in the center of the striker-plate on the rear of the slide, as well as a loaded chamber indicator that is pressed up once a round is chambered. Lastly, the slide has rugged front and rear serrations, allowing you to acquire a more solid grip when chambering a round, or press-checking this pistol to ensure a round is properly seated within the chamber.

Disadvantages to the XD Mod 2

Unfortunately, even with a firearm that offers a plethora of advantages, it is difficult to appease everyone in the crowd. If you are one who prefers a smaller, slimmer profile to your carry weapon, this may not be your weapon of choice as the bulkiness of this platform may be off-putting when compared to single-stack frames available on the market. Also, for those with smaller hands, you may find it difficult to disengage both safety features, preventing you from effectively placing rounds down range.

One of the main differences between the compact and full-sized frames is the significant size difference, which leads to a noticeable difference when firing. Most prominently, a smaller framed pistol is slightly less effective at recoil mitigation than that of the full-size. Regrettably, this may lead to issues when it comes to accuracy; however, the larger frame may be too “large” and difficult to handle. A feature disliked by a few is the “boxy” profile of the firearm, stating it feels too much like a brick. This firearm when empty feels a bit front-heavy and may be rectified when loaded to capacity; however, this only adds to the weight of the firearm. The overall thickness and bulk of this weapon may be a deterrent for those unable to conceal a weapon of this stature, or obtain a proper grip, ultimately resulting in the decreased effectiveness and accuracy of this pistol.


Final Thoughts

For those who are in the market for a firearm that is easy to handle, shoot, and clean, this weapon may be the right choice for you. This pistol offers comfortable ergonomics, new and innovative features, and serious firepower. that you are carrying a solid pistol that will perform effectively. Listed at an affordable $418.95, this firearm will make a great addition to your collection. If you are a first-time buyer, this may be a suitable first purchase to get you started. Available in both full-size and compact models, you are sure to find one that is not only comfortable in the hand but is also easy to handle while at the range. For more information, shop Springfield Armory at Gritr Sports and our staff will be happy to assist you with your purchase.

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