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SIG SAUER Customer Reviews: Real Stories & Experiences

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In an attempt to gain a comprehensive understanding of the SIG Sauer pistols, particularly the P320 and the P365 platforms, we sought out real-life experiences from actual users. These stories cover everything from the gun’s performance to its reliability, providing invaluable insights for anyone considering these guns for EDC, home defense, or range shooting. Read on!


Briefly About SIG P320 Issues
Sig Sauer P320 Reviews & Customer Experiences
Sig Sauer P365 Reviews & Customer Experiences

Sig Sauer P320: What All the Fuss Is About?

With the rising interest in the SIG P320 pistol, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. But when it comes to understanding the true performance and reliability of these firearms, there’s no better source than the experiences of everyday users. These are the people who handle their P320s regularly. So, let’s turn down the noise and amplify these voices.

SIG P320 Safety Concerns

In the last couple of years, SIG has faced some serious challenges. The legendary SIG P320 has been in the limelight due to multiple reports of the pistol discharging unintentionally. And a lawsuit against SIG Sauer has caused some worry among potential buyers and users alike. We have an article that comprehensively breaks down the issues P320 users have complained about and a detailed overview of the safeties the P320 pistol employs. So, if you want to learn more about the topic, read this post. Now, we briefly touch on these safety issues to provide more context.

P320 Drop Safety Issue

This issue with the SIG P320 emerged when it was discovered that if the pistol was dropped in a specific position – bore facing upwards with both the frame and slide hitting the ground at the same time – the trigger would continue its rearward motion, causing an ND. This wasn’t an isolated incident linked to a particular caliber, frame size, or type of ammunition; it was a consistent problem across all variants of the P320.

A key contributing factor to this issue was found to be the weight of the trigger. The heavier trigger continued its motion due to inertia when the gun was dropped, leading to the unintended firing.

In response to this safety concern, SIG Sauer took measures by launching a voluntary upgrade program. It allowed P320 owners to have their pistols fitted with redesigned components at no extra cost. This initiative essentially addressed and eliminated the drop-fire issue, further enhancing the safety of the P320 for its users.

P320 Firing Out of Battery

Out of battery is a situation where the gun discharges before it’s fully locked in place. Some experts attribute this issue to a combination of out-of-spec overpowered ammo often used in competition circles and, probably, a minor mechanical issue with the P320. However, given the long dwell time and the series of mechanical safeties on the P320, particularly the striker block, this seems to be an unlikely occurrence.

P320 Uncommanded Discharges

This refers to the gun firing without the trigger being pulled. Considering the millions of P320s out there, there could be various reasons for this happening. A manufacturing defect could be one reason, but this is not unique to the P320 – even popular models like Glocks have had their share of such incidents when they became popular. Another reason could be negligent handling, like inconsistent lubing or using worn-out holsters.

Sig Sauer P320 Reviews & Customer Stories


From various online discussions, it’s clear that owners of the SIG P320 have a range of experiences to share. Many users defend the firearm, expressing satisfaction with its performance. Some even proudly possess multiple SIGs for different purposes, such as carry and range work. One user even humorously pointed out their concern is not when they’re carrying a P320 but when they’re not.

A common theme among these experiences is an initial ‘break-in’ period for the P320. A user noted that their pistol had minor return-to-battery issues, but after this initial phase, their experience with the P320 was all good.

“My first non hand me down pistol is a M18 and I have run about 750 rounds (mostly cci some others like venoms) through it with only 2 return to battery issues very early in the run.”

They added that after breaking in, their P320 “runs buttery smooth.”

One more person has had a similar P320 break-in experience:

“The only failures I’ve had with my P320 were in the first couple hundred rounds and they were mostly when my wife or son were shooting. Both of them being new shooters I’m placing more blame with their grip than the gun. Not a single issue after that break in period and teaching the family to shoot better.“ 

Another person in that same thread also assumed that “some P320s seem to have break in periods” and that trying to fire hundreds of rounds through the factory lube “definitely can lead to problems”. Speaking of lubing. There were also mentions of the P320’s resilience, with one user claiming to have fired 1200 rounds without cleaning or lubing the gun, experiencing no malfunctions. However, while impressive, it’s still strongly recommended to regularly maintain and lubricate your firearm.

But not all Sig Sauer P320 reviews were entirely positive. There was a user who reported friends having issues with their P320s, leading them to question the SIG P320 reliability. “…heard of people having rough break-in periods with the 320”, they shared. This person also wrote that they own two P320 and “haven’t had a single issue.” However, this person adds that they saw firsthand “an m18 that was finicky during break-in.”

Here’s what another person with mixed feelings shared. Though they say that all of their other SIGs were 100% problem free, they parted ways with the idea of owning the P320. “Too many issues from 3 different p320’s owned by friends at the range. It’s rare I see one person with an issue with a gun, let alone 3 with varying amounts of use and ammo put through them.” Unfortunately, this person didn’t mention what kind of issues their friends encountered.

Another person, an owner of three P320 pistols, which they like, mentioned having problems: “…one is a safe queen, and the other two are range toys because I’ve had issues with both of them.”

Negligent Discharges (NDs) with the P320, particularly among law enforcement officers, were also discussed. Some users suggested that these NDs could be more related to handling errors than inherent flaws in the pistol. They pointed to the frequency with which LEOs handle their firearms as increasing the likelihood of an ND occurring.

People also recalled SIG Sauer’s voluntary upgrade program. Some users reported no further issues after taking advantage of the offer.

“I have had a 320 since they first came out, with the “bad” trigger and the updated one. If I have had any mis-fires I can’t recall. Ran everything thrown at it, no problems.”

Despite the varying experiences, the general consensus among P320 owners seems to be that while there may be some initial teething problems, the firearm is reliable and trustworthy once broken in.

However, there were still some users who expressed hesitation about carrying a P320 concealed: “I love my m18 and tbh I’m a little skeptical carrying appendix, I only use it for practice am looking at the macro for a new carry.”

As a solution, some suggested not chambering a round as a solution, while others considered adding a manual safety to their P320.

In conclusion, while the SIG P320 has had its share of safety concerns, it’s crucial to remember that any tool, when misused or poorly maintained, can become a liability. The experiences of real users show that many are satisfied with the P320’s performance and reliability.

Here are some more P320 customer stories:

“The new runs of the 320 have the early drop issue fixed. I have one of the newer ones with 1000+ rounds through it. Still smooth as butter and only 1 FTF due to the ammo and not the gun.”

“My M18 has close to 5000 rounds through it with only 2 FTF from the same batch of ammo. No other issues. I appendix carry all day every day.”

“The p320 is a great gun, I have 3 of them in different sizes/configurations. But if the p226 or p229 is also an option I would go with one of those.”

“I can say with 100% certainty that the 320’s I’ve used and own are safe and will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. In fact I’ve legitimately tried to replicate the unintentional discharge and have not been successful. Keep in mind, I carry mine as my duty pistol and frankly it gets the hell beaten out of it daily. It’s been dropped, hit, smacked on things, squished between me and a car/ground/wall/ etc. I’ve been in fights with it on and I’ve never had it go off without a trigger pull. To put it honestly, they’re probably my favorite pistols I’ve owned.”

As with any firearm, proper handling, regular maintenance, and adherence to safety guidelines are essential to ensure a safe and satisfying experience.

Like one person wrote: “My personal experience is that I’ve had more malfunctions with my glocks than my p320s… does that mean glock is unreliable? No.”

Sig Sauer P365 Reviews & Customer Stories

Sig Sauer P365

Now that we’ve delved into the P320, let’s explore another popular platform from SIG Sauer – the P365 series. This compact pistol series has been making waves in the firearm community, particularly the P365 X-Macro and P365 XL models. What makes these models stand out? Let’s find out through the experiences of real users.

Is SIG P365 the Best CCW?

When it comes to concealed carry, the SIG P365 series shines. Here’s what real users have to say:

“I’m looking into getting a Sig P365 for work carry. It’s smaller and thinner than my current G26, so it’ll be easier to conceal,” says one user. Another user agreed, stating, “I find it easier to shoot than a Glock 26 and definitely easier to carry.”

Users appreciate the P365’s compact size and versatility. One user shares, “I went from a G19 to a P365. I still carry the G19 on occasion but the 365 goes everywhere with me daily. I carry a 12rd in the gun and a 15rd in my pocket. The 10rd mags occasionally get used at the range.”

Another user shared how they carry their P365, “I have a P365 that I carry with the flush fit 10 round mag on days where my clothes are tighter and the extended 12 round mag when wearing a loose t-shirt or flannel. I where mine at the 4:30 position. If you carry appendix it should be even easier to conceal. Great gun. No issues with reliability.”

The P365’s concealability is highly praised. One female user shares, “I’m a very small female and what I can say is that this is for sure the most easily concealable pistol that I have ever owned. In fact, it’s the only firearm that I’ve ever owned that I’m able to conceal while wearing the jeans I normally wear without there being awkward or noticeable bulges.”

Several users also mentioned their preference for carrying the P365 with different magazines depending on the situation. For instance, one user shares, “For the longest I’ve carried my p365 with 12rd mag inserted and the 15rd as a backup. But now I’m drifting back toward 10rd w/ pinky extension for even better concealment.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, stating, “I keep 15rd mags in, while the gun is in the house, car, or most any bag. I can carry the 12rd pretty easily most of the time, which my wife prefers. And then you’ll have the flush 10 round mag option for tight conceal.”

The P365 XL has also received high praise from some users. One user shares, “I’ve carried a 365XL for two years. I’ve had zero malfunctions out of 2400 rounds to date. They truly are amazing pistols. The missing link between a duty weapon and dedicated carry pistols.”

However, another user argues, “The [P365 XL] pistol, as configured, makes no sense. What DOES make sense, is someone who takes a 365 XL slide, sticks a rmsc dot on it, and puts it on a standard 365 frame, carries with 10+1 in the gun and a 15 round spare mag.”

For those considering the P365 X-Macro for concealed carry, several users have shared helpful advice and experiences. The P365 X-Macro is noted for its magazine design, which packs a full-size 17+1 round capacity into the slim profile of the P365.

One user shared a tip on cost-saving, suggesting, “If you really want the X Macro, I’d take a look to see what an XL slide costs, and then just buy the X Macro grip frame. It may be cheaper that way.” This opinion was echoed by another user who found this combination ideal for everyday carry, stating, “XL slide and XMacro grip is my EDC and I love it.” Yet another user agreed, adding that while the X Compact shoots the best, the XL with the Macro grip is very close in performance and much more comfortable for all-day carry.

Additionally, some users adjust their carry setup based on the situation or season. For instance, one user shared, “I carry my 365 on a daily basis, my XL grip on when I need 2 extra rounds and my Macro when I’m in winter clothes.”

When comparing the P365 X Macro to the P320 X Compact, one user pointed out the slimness of the Macro, making it easier to carry. They said, “Macro is much slimmer than the X Compact. Makes it easy to carry. My X Compact has become a safe queen.”

SIG P365 Performance & Ergonomics

sig sauer p365 x macro

One user compared the P365 to other popular compact pistols: “Before I bought the P365, I shot a Hellcat, Shield, & G43 to compare. I liked the Hellcat better than the other two, and liked the 365 best. For me, the 365 wasn’t nearly as snappy as the Hellcat. I found it to just be much easier to shoot than other small pistols. The biggest difference for me was fast follow up shots. As long as I drive the gun the way I’m supposed to, subsequent shots are always close to first impact all the way out to 15-20 yards.”

Regarding the P365 SAS, a user shared: “I wouldn’t call it “snappy” but neither would I call it “fun” to shoot. It is just shy of being snappy. I’ve shot some other larger 9mm though that beat my hand up a lot more though. It is almost too small for me with the extended grip 10rd mags though I always feel I have a comfortable grip on the firearm. It also falls off accuracy wise past 20 ft. That may just be the shooter though. It is kind of a one box and done when at the range gun.”

Some users agree that the P365 requires some practice. One person stated, “I love mine [P365], but as others have said, it takes some practice. I wouldn’t necessarily call it any snappier than others but it’s not a beginner’s gun.”

Another user praised the ergonomics of the P365: “Love it. The small grip and angle took a bit of getting used to, but it’s a marvel of engineering. I went from the P365 to the P365 with an XL grip module, to just getting the P365XL.”

The XL grip module seems to be a favorite among users with larger hands. One user shared, “As others have mentioned, if you have big hands, throw an XL grip module on it. Did that to mine and it went from “meh” to “*heck* I like shooting this.”

Another user compared the P365XL to the G43, saying, “The XL felt wider than the G43 in a surprisingly good way. In reality it’s less than a 10th of an inch wider but it honestly felt really, really comfortable…I REALLY liked the weight of the gun. The weight of the gun is so satisfyingly well distributed. It shot well too, but that’s not saying much as pretty much any $600 sub-compact is gonna shoot well. What I really mean to say is it’s not nearly as snappy as I expected it to be. Far less snappy than my G43.”

However, personal preference plays a significant role. When comparing the P320 to the P365, one user wrote, “The 365 was just too snappy and light for me, and its grip was “off” for my hands though I really wanted to like it. Try both (or all) configurations you’re considering before making your choice. If you only tryout the P365 you’re going to make yourself like it whether its right for you or not.”

Another user who switched from the G43 to the P365XL said, “I owned a G43 before, but it was a little small for my hands, and I would get slide bite occasionally. I avoid the original P365 for the same reason, felt like it was a hair too small. I was certainly tempted by the G48, but the slightly extended beavertail on the P365XL is what really pushed me towards it. Fits great, I can jam my hand way up on it and not get bit.”

Generally speaking, users have found the P365 series to be reliable and versatile, with performance that can stand toe-to-toe with other leading compact pistols on the market. However, personal preference and comfort play a significant role in choosing the right handgun or configuration.


Why does P320 have no safety?

The P320 was designed with an internal safety mechanism that is meant to prevent accidental discharges if the gun is dropped. No manual safety is often preferred by some users who want their pistols to be ready to fire without having to disengage a manual safety first. However, it’s important to note that some versions of the P320 do come with a manual safety for those who prefer having that feature.

Does the SIG P320 still fire when dropped?

In the past, there were instances of the P320 discharging when dropped at a certain angle. However, SIG SAUER has since implemented a Voluntary Upgrade Program to correct this issue. All P320 pistols now being sold are the upgraded models that have resolved this issue.

Which Sig Sauer is better P320 or P365?

Both the P320 and P365 have their strengths. The P320 is known for its modularity and is used by many law enforcement agencies. The P365, on the other hand, is praised for its compact size and high capacity. The “better” model depends on your specific needs and preferences.

How far can P365 shoot?

While the P365 is designed for close-quarters self-defense, some users have reported maintaining accuracy at distances up to 25 yards.

Can you pocket carry a P365?

The P365 is small enough for pocket carry, but it’s crucial to use a pocket holster that covers the trigger guard for safety purposes.

Why is the P365 so popular?

The P365 has gained popularity due to its impressive capacity-to-size ratio, making it ideal for concealed carry. It’s also praised for its shootability and the quality of its construction.

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