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SIG Sauer Airguns for Precision Shooting and Training

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Air guns enjoy only a tiny dose of the adoration paid to the firearms. Frowned upon by some, they nonetheless serve as trusty companions to those who can appreciate them. It’s hard to find a better candidate to acquaint someone with firearms without exposing them to the dangers fraught with handling a gun. Air guns take after their more formidable relatives in appearance, but don’t boast their power. However, even the most harmless-looking air gun shouldn’t be trifled with: in capable hands, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Similarly, it may become a source of peril should it find its way into the hands of the untrained. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best air guns in the industry, for they bear the mark of quality of a true expert. This is a guide to SIG Sauer Airguns.

Table of Contents

Understanding the SIG Sauer Airguns
The SIG Sauer BB Guns
     A SIG 1911 Spartan Review
The SIG Sauer Pellet Guns
     A SIG MCX Air Rifle Review
Pellet Guns vs. BB Guns

sig airguns

The Birthplace of SIG Sauer Airguns

Despite their visual resemblance, air guns and firearms don’t share that many similarities. For one thing, they have drastically different working principles and thus require different production equipment. SIG Sauer founded an airgun division in 2015, aiming to explore a new market. Following the initial success, they soon expanded and renamed it SIG AIR. Today, it is a dedicated division of SIG Sauer that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality airguns. Launched as a strategic move by the brand, it ended up being one of the major forces in the airgun market.

The primary objective of SIG AIR is to create airguns that mirror the weight, balance, and handling characteristics of their traditional firearm counterparts. Many models are indistinguishable from real firearms and won’t unveil their nature until shot. If you were looking for an opportunity to train with airguns that feel like the real thing, SIG is a fine candidate.

SIG AIR’s product line includes a variety of airguns, from BB guns and pellet guns. Each product is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they meet the high standards that shooters have come to expect from SIG SAUER. This focus on quality and performance has earned SIG AIR a strong reputation among shooting enthusiasts and professionals.

But SIG AIR’s mission goes beyond just creating high-quality airguns. The division is also actively involved in promoting air gun technology and its benefits. For instance, SIG AIR’s Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) line of products was developed to enable shooters to train more frequently. By providing a cost-effective and convenient training option, SIG AIR’s ASP line helps shooters improve their skills without the need for live ammunition. Some never transition to firearms due to the convenience and cost-effectiveness these airguns offer. However, whether it’s only a midway stop or a final destination, the SIG Sauer air gun can become a great companion for anyone with a passion for shooting.

sig sauer air rifle

Understanding the SIG SAUER Airguns

High-quality design, precision and exemplary performance are all mainstays of SIG Sauer’s production policy. But, since airguns perform at a different level than firearms, it’s only natural for the expectations and standards for them to be different as well. To better appreciate the benefits that SIG airguns provide, it might be useful to get the general gist of how airguns work. 

How Airguns Work

Airguns operate on a relatively simple principle: they use air or another gas to propel a projectile, typically a pellet or BB, out of the barrel. No chemical reactions, only the forces of physics. These are the main types of power sources used in airguns:

  • Spring-Driven: Airguns powered by spring-driven mechanisms, often referred to as springers, are the most prevalent. The action of cocking a springer compresses a robust spring behind a piston. When the trigger is engaged, the spring is released. This action swiftly compresses the air in front of the spring, ejecting the pellet from the barrel. These types of airguns appeal due to their dependability and self-sufficiency.
  • Gas-Driven: Airguns powered by a gas-driven system function similarly to spring-driven ones, but instead of a coiled spring, they utilize a cylinder filled with compressed gas. Gas piston airguns have a significant advantage as they can remain cocked for extended periods without degrading their power or damaging the mechanism.
  • Air Pressure Mechanism: Air pressure mechanism airguns, also known as pump-up airguns, harness the power of air pressure to expel the pellet from the barrel. They come in three variants: multi-stroke, single-stroke, and pre-charged pneumatic (PCP).
    Multi-stroke: These type uses multiple pumps to gather air into an onboard reservoir, which is then used to fire the pellet. More pumps equate to higher velocity.
    Single-stroke: These airguns only require a single pump to accumulate the needed air to fire. They are commonly used for target shooting as they are silent and free of recoil.
    Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP): PCP airguns come with an onboard reservoir pre-filled with high-pressure air (up to 3000 psi) from an external source such as a hand pump, air tank, or compressor. They can fire several times per refill and offer potent power and regularity.
  • CO2 Propulsion: CO2 airguns operate using small, replaceable cylinders filled with CO2 gas. When the trigger is activated, a small quantity of gas is released, ejecting the pellet from the barrel. These airguns are favored for informal shooting and plinking due to their user-friendliness and quiet operation.

Airguns vs. Firearms

While airguns are different from firearms, they are not necessarily inferior. Air rifles and pistols are just as good at plinking (while being considerably cheaper to reload) and can even be used for small game hunting. They also offer several advantages that make them an attractive choice for certain applications:

  • Training: Airguns offer a great platform for training. As we’ve already mentioned, they mimic the look and feel of real firearms, allowing users to practice handling, aiming, and shooting in a safe and controlled environment without breaking the bank.
  • Recreational Shooting & Small Pest Control: Airguns are ideal for recreational shooting and small pest control because they are quieter and safer than firearms. They don’t produce nearly as much noise and, while not harmless, are less deadly.
  • Legal Ease & Accessibility: Airguns are subject to fewer regulations than traditional firearms. While a minority of states regulate them in a way similar to firearms and some only impose age restrictions, the rest don’t have any regulations whatsoever.   

sig sauer bb gun

The Appeal of the SIG Sauer BB Gun

There are two major varieties of air guns: BB guns and pellet guns. They are different in several aspects, which we’ll cover as we explore each type.

Distinctive Features of SIG SAUER BB Guns


SIG Sauer BB guns use 4.5mm steel BBs as ammunition. These round metallic balls are commonly used in BB guns and provide a different shooting experience compared to lead pellets used in pellet guns. The SIG Sauer 1911 Spartan Air Pistol, for example, comes with a 16-round BB magazine. It also comes with custom Spartan grips and a skeletonized trigger, which only adds to the authenticity and appeal of this BB gun.


While the specific type of barrel can vary depending on the model, SIG Sauer BB guns typically feature smoothbore barrels, which are common in BB guns. The smooth interior of the barrel allows for the easy passage of round BBs.


SIG Sauer BB guns boast impressive power, simulating the firing mode of a semi-automatic firearm. For instance, the SIG Sauer M17 Pellet Air Pistol can reach speeds up to 380 fps.

sig sauer 1911 spartan

A SIG BB Gun Review: 1911 Spartan

Let’s take a look at a more tangible example. The frontline warrior of the BB squad, the Sig 1911 Spartan breaks the ranks of prejudice to show what it’s capable of. A mere look is enough to see how formidable that air pistol is, and it only backs its impressive looks with performance nothing less than staggering. 

Design and Build Quality

The SIG Sauer 1911 Spartan BB Pistol is a beautifully designed air gun that features a bronze finish and is embellished with the Spartan helmet logo on the grip. The build quality is exceptional, giving it the feel of a real firearm. Staying true to the legacy of 1911 pistols, this model sports an all-metal construction that greatly boosts the durability of the air gun. The weight and balance are also similar to that of a traditional 1911 handgun, further enhancing the realistic feel.

Ammunition and Power

This model uses .177 caliber steel BBs as ammunition and is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. The 16-round magazine capacity ensures you have plenty of shots before needing to reload. The power of the pistol is impressive, with the ability to reach muzzle velocities of up to 410 feet per second. This might not tell you much, but rest assured it’s more than sufficient for backyard plinking or target shooting.

Accuracy and Performance

The SIG Sauer 1911 Spartan BB Pistol provides commendable precision for a BB gun, largely due to its stationary front and rear sights. The blowback action enhances the authenticity, making it a pleasure to shoot. The pistol’s performance is consistently gratifying, ensuring dependable shots with every trigger engagement.

Safety and Handling

The pistol is equipped with a manual safety feature, crucial for secure operation of the airgun and mastering the fundamentals of safe firearm handling. The grip is comfortable, ensuring a stable hold even during prolonged shooting activities. The trigger pull is seamless, adding to the overall user-friendly experience.

Value for Money

Considering its high-quality build, realistic design, and excellent performance, the SIG Sauer 1911 Spartan BB Pistol is a true asset for its money. It is a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced airgun enthusiasts looking for a reliable and fun-to-shoot BB pistol.

sig sauer pellet gun

Zooming in on the SIG SAUER Pellet Gun

Sharing the basic working principles of BB guns, pellet guns bring another face of SIG Sauer airguns into the light.

Distinctive Features of SIG SAUER Pellet Guns


SIG Sauer pellet guns use .177 caliber pellets as ammunition. These pellets are typically lead or a combination of lead and other metals and are known for their accuracy and impact power. For instance, the SIG Sauer MCX .177 caliber pellet gun delivers 30 rounds of rapid-fire.


SIG Sauer pellet guns usually feature rifled barrels. Rifling involves cutting spiral grooves into the barrel’s bore, which causes the pellet to spin as it exits the barrel. This spin increases the pellet’s flight stability and accuracy, making rifled barrels an excellent choice for pellet guns.


SIG Sauer pellet guns are powered by CO2 cartridges, providing semi-automatic action. The SIG Sauer MPX Pellet Rifle, for instance, uses either an 88 or 90-gram CO2 cartridge and can achieve velocities of up to 575 feet per second. 

A SIG Pellet Gun Review: MCX Air Rifle

Pistols are far from being the only form airguns can take. Fancy a real-looking SIG air rifle that delivers a punch? The SIG MCX is at your service! Hardly distinguishable from a real rifle, this airgun gives a very solid idea of what a true firearm looks and feels like.

Design and Build Quality

The SIG Sauer MCX .177 CO2 Air Rifle is a noteworthy replica of the real SIG MCX firearm. The Flat Dark Earth (FDE) finish gives the rifle an authentic military-style appearance. The synthetic stock and metal housing ensure the longevity of this SIG air rifle.

Ammunition and Power

This air rifle uses .177 caliber pellets as ammunition and is powered by an 88-gram CO2 cartridge. The rifle features a 30-round RPM (Rapid Pellet Magazine), allowing for extended shooting sessions without needing to frequently reload. The power is quite impressive, with a muzzle velocity of up to 700 feet per second.

Accuracy and Performance

The SIG Sauer MCX Air Rifle comes equipped with a 1-4×24 scope, greatly assisting the shooter to hone their precision, especially at longer distances. The semi-automatic action works the same way it does in firearms, the recoil being the only notable difference. The consistency in delivering powerful and accurate shots is commendable, though.

Safety and Handling

The air rifle incorporates a manual safety feature for secure handling. The design ensures a comfortable grip and the weight distribution is well-balanced, making it easy to handle during prolonged use. The trigger pull is pretty smooth which aligns well with the general comfort of the rifle.

Value for Money

Given its high-quality build, excellent performance and the presence of a scope, the SIG Sauer MCX Air Rifle offers substantial value for its cost. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and powerful air rifle for target shooting or small game hunting.

Pellet Guns vs. BB Guns:

We’ve already covered the major differences, but here’s a brief summary in case you might need a reminder:

  • Ammunition: Pellets typically exhibit superior accuracy and enhanced aerodynamics compared to BBs. 
  • Barrel Construction: BB guns usually boast smoothbore barrels, devoid of the rifling, a feature present in pellet guns. The barrels of pellet guns are often rifled, causing the pellet to rotate as it leaves the barrel.
  • Power and Precision: While BB guns can display potency and precision at short distances, they are generally deemed less powerful and accurate than pellet guns due to their ammunition attributes and the absence of rifling in the barrel. Pellet guns deliver greater power and precision, particularly over extended ranges. 
  • Application: BB guns are frequently employed for leisurely target shooting and imparting fundamental firearm safety to novices. With their augmented precision and power, pellet guns are apt for a broader spectrum of activities, including competitive shooting, small game hunting, and pest control. 


As you can see, SIG Sauer airguns offer a range of features and benefits that make them an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced shooters. Whether it’s a BB gun or a pellet gun that tickles your fancy, each product offers unique advantages and serves as an effective tool for precision training. You can find a wider range of SIG Sauer Airguns at Gritr Sports.

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What safety features does SIG Sauer incorporate into its airguns?

SIG Sauer airguns come with a manual safety mechanism which is essential for safe handling of the airgun itself. This feature also helps users learn the basics of safe firearm handling.

Are SIG Sauer airguns suitable for beginners?

Yes, SIG Sauer airguns are suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters. For beginners, they serve as a great tool for learning basic firearm safety and casual target shooting. For experienced shooters, these airguns offer increased accuracy and power suitable for competitive shooting and small game hunting.

What makes SIG Sauer airguns good for precision training?

SIG Sauer airguns are known for their superior accuracy and consistency, making them an excellent choice for precision training. They feature rifled barrels that cause the pellet to spin as it exits, enhancing stability and accuracy in flight.

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