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Best of SHOT Show 2017 – Pete Rogers

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By Pete Rogers

SHOT SHOW 2017 is a wrap for me and like always, I have put together a list of the items I saw that impressed me the most. Granted, I did not see everything, and I am sure I missed some excellent products. Next year, I will stay longer and attempt the impossible and see it all.

Here is a run down of the best I found at the show. Some of the brands you will recognize – but the offerings are new and expected to have great results in 2017.

Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight in 6.5 Creedmoor

When you are miles from your truck, ounces mean a lot more than when you can drive to your stand. These ounces feel like pounds when trudging at high elevation. Weatherby Mark V has been a legendary rifle for decades. The Ultra Lightweight is not new to 2017, but it is such a great rifle, it needs mentioning as one of the best finds at this years SHOT SHOW. Couple this great rifle with the Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor a caliber designed by Hornady Cartridge company in 2007 as a competition round has fast become a favored round for hunters. Closely related to the .308, the 6.5 Creedmoor is an excellent round for all game species with ballistics close to the .300 Win. Mag with a lot less recoil.

The Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight is one of the best Made in America rifles still available. It is offered in twelve popular calibers from the .240 Wby Mag all the way to the .300 Win. Mag. There is sure to be an offering for you.


Sitka Gear – Subalpine Apparel

Sitka set the standard years ago with their technology of turning clothing into gear. Their Optifade technology that transforms the science of camouflage set the bar very high. For 2017, they pushed themselves to see where they need improvement. The SubAlpine pattern is it. Designed more for the western hunter that is hunting in the timber, or below. It is the lightest material ever designed and geared for 50 yards or less in vegetative terrain. This pattern is certainly going to help hide the hunter. While it is not designed for use in the turkey woods specifically, I can certainly see how this pattern would work wonders in the early spring turkey woods as well. Available in all of its series, the SubAlpine is something to consider for 2017.

ThermaCell – Backpacker Unit

It is no secret that I am a huge ThermaCell fan. I still believe nothing has revolutionized the sport of hunting as has the ThermaCell mosquito appliances. Once again they have designed a great companion to the arsenal against these pests. Introducing their Backpacker unit. Weighing merely 3.5 ounces, this unit attaches directly to your butane tank for your stove. With a burn time approaching 90 hours, this little unit is a MUST have for warm weather camping. Simply replace the pads when needed and let it work around your campsite, under your hammock or wherever you are. The appliance sits directly on top of the fuel can so stability is not an issue. This is one product I will be buying as soon as they are available!


Zeiss Conquest Gavia Spotting Scope 85MM

Carl Zeiss the world’s leader in optics for all arenas has designed an excellent spotting scope for their Conquest line. With an objective lens of 85mm, and a powerful 60X magnification this scope is designed to find the most elusive game animals. Weighing in at 60 ounces and measuring 15.6 Inches, the Conquest spotting scope is at a price point for high end scopes most can afford. It’s a tad big for backpacking into the high country, but from base camp to forest roads, it is the ticket for spotting game at great distances.


Yeti Jugs and Colored Ramblers

Yeti is the world’s leader in premium coolers and stainless accessories, and they featured several exciting new products for 2017.

Yeti Jugs

Yeti has designed another product for 2017 that is once again creating an entirely new market. Introducing the Yeti Jug. Available in both a half gallon and one gallon size, the stainless steel jug can hold a family size of sweet tea for those picnics or enough soup to feed a full blind of cold duck hunters.

The magnetic cap is genius. Enabling users to safely secure the cap directly to the lid via, built-in magnets. These magnets are strong and able to hold the lid easily. Some of the greatest ideas are the simplest. Yeti covers the gamut from scientific advances coupled with simple thought process for everyday users.


Colored Ramblers

The often copied and seldom matched, the Yeti Rambler is being reintroduced in some outstanding colors. In March, consumers should start to see the new colors available in all of the Rambler line. From the Low Boy to the bottles, all of the ramblers will be offered in powder coated colors that will be received extremely well by all. The first colors offered will be the Sea Foam and Blue. These are excellent colors and are some of the most popular. Outdoorsmen and women will also have choices later in the summer when the Rambler line comes out in both black and olive.


Silynx Clarius Pro Light

When it comes to hearing protection and enhancement, Silynx Clarius Pro light is breaking down door and making converts to the light weight protection and enhancement at affordable prices. Most of the competition of this level of enhancement requires either muffs or hearing aid type batteries. Silynx Clarius Pro Light uses a single AAA battery with cords that wrap around your ear and stays put. The multiple insert tips make for a custom fit. In the world of hearing enhancement and protection. No other brand is as comfortable and easy to use as is the Silynx Clarius Pro Light.


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