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New Leupold Products For 2016

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At this year’s SHOT Show, Leupold had a lot to announce as far as product updates and redesigns go. From new optics and accessories to the launch of a signature Leupold apparel line, there was plenty to be excited about.

Rifle Scopes

VX-3i Rifle Scope

The biggest announcement at the Leupold booth this year was the retirement of the VX-3 rifle scope line and the subsequent upgrade to the VX-3i line. This new rifle scope is designed specifically with light management in mind, and its new lens coatings, called the Twilight Max Light Management System, control glare while encouraging the right spectrum to travel through the scope at different times of the day, especially at dawn and dusk. In addition, the magnification adjustment knob has been enlarged following customer feedback, and it fits an even larger add-on knob for those who have trouble adjusting it while in use. However, the best news is the price. The VX-3i starts at just $399, which needless to say is an exceptional value for a Leupold scope.


RX Rangefinders

New RX-850i And RX-1200i TBRW Rangefinders

The RX series has three conventional (non-archery) models available in the line. The RX-650 is the entry-level model in the line, and it starts at a very reasonable $249. The upgrade to the new RX-850i adds three new additional features in the True Ballistic Range (TBR) technology, a built-in inclinometer and an RX Trophy Scale mode. The True Ballistic Range feature allows you to match the rangefinder to your rifle’s ballistics and then receive feedback in either a holdover point, MOA adjustment or simple horizontal difference. The Trophy Scale mode allows you to quickly estimate the size of the animal or target are looking at, and once established, the measurement can be stored for quick reference.

The RX-1200i TBRW is the real star of the line, and in addition to powerful ranging capabilities up to 1,250 yards and the features outlined in the 850i, it also tackles the challenging task of ranging in high winds by anticipating a crosswind and establishing a reference point for adjustment.


RX FullDraw2 Rangefinder And New Vendetta 2

Also new in the RX rangefinder line are two updates to the models specifically designed for archery applications. First, the FullDraw2 is essentially the 850i tailored for archery ranging, and in addition to the standard incline feature important in archery applications, this device ranges all the way out to 125 yards. As for the updated Vendetta2, a new mounting system resolves the existing bow platform conflicts so it now fits every bow on the market, and there is also a crossbow mount included.



Mojave Pro Guide HD 10×50 And 12×50

The Mojave series of binoculars has received an overhaul this year as well. Leupold has placed the HD glass in the objective lenses so you start with the best glass vs. other models that place the HD glass in the eyepieces. The Mojave Pro Guide has also received an upgrade in its field of view by 15% meaning there is more to catch as you scan with these binoculars. In addition to the existing Kryptek finishes, you can get this new binocular in a standard black finish for the first time.


Spotting Scopes

Ventana 2 And Kenai 2 Updates

Both the Ventana 2 and the Kenai 2 spotting scopes have received new HD lens system upgrades with the Guardion coating that sheds water, fingerprints and more. As we’ll cover later, there are more accessories to use with these scopes now as well.


Leupold Pro Gear

Go Afield Harness / Bag

Leupold is branching out into bags and backpacks this year, and the smallest / entry model into the Pro Gear series is the Go Afield Binocular Harness. This small bag is designed to double as a light weight binocular harness with back straps for support.

Sling Go Bag

For a step up, the Go Sling Bag provides more space for your gear, and you can access your equipment quickly with a release under the ambidextrous sling that replaces traditional backpack straps.

Recon Go Bag

The Recon Go Bag was designed with hunters in mind, and it sports a unique fit that keeps your shoulder free for drawing a bow or shouldering a rifle. It offers a little more space than the Sling Go Bag.


Optics Go Bag

While the previous three bags were designed for the field, the Optics Go Bag is probably more at home as a protective storage option for your optics while taking a long trip. This bag features padded sides and divisions so you can store your equipment efficiently and safely.

Range Go Bag

The Range Go Bag may be the coolest offering in the Pro Gear line as it serves as an all-in-one launchpad for your rifle platform. Initially it is a soft rifle case, but it zips down completely to transform into a shooting mat, and Leupold even claims it can double as a tent footprint for your one-man tent.


Leupold Apparel

Leupold is stepping up with their own branded apparel line including a tough but lightweight poly fleece hoodie and several shirt and ball cap styles. More than just a giveaway item, these items are a legitimate way to show your loyalty to the brand.


Full Size Carbon Fiber Tripod / Compact Aluminum Tripod

Leupold is stepping into the tripod market this year with two high-quality models to match their spotting scopes and other optics. The first is a full-sized carbon fiber tripod that even picky camera pros would be pleased with. It features fluid pan and tilt adjustment and a sturdy ball and socket joint that is specially designed to keep dirt and foreign material out of the join when you use it in the field. Those who need something smaller can turn to the compact aluminum tripod model with similar mount features.

Smart Phone Adapter Kit / Zoom SVS Phone Adapter Kit

There are two smart phone adapter kits coming from Leupold this year to match your spotting scopes. The first is a standard smart phone adapter kit that allows you to shoot photos and videos through your chosen scope, but take note that your smartphone case will have to be removed to fit the adapter. The more advanced Zoom SVS Kit adds a zoom feature to the smart phone adapter, and it can adapt to most smart phone cases without removal.


Zero Point Magnetic Bore Sighter

Finally, after much demand, the Leupold Bore Sighter is back at a very affordable $89.99 MSRP. The Zero Point Magnetic Bore Sighter is more compact than ever and easily attaches with a new magnetic compound. When the bore sight starts shipping is uncertain.



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