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H&K VP9 Vs. Walther PPQ M2

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By Vic Laboy

Today, we will be comparing two of the most common handguns on the market: the H&K VP9 and the Walther PPQ M2. To the untrained eye, these two models appear identical; however, there are key differences that set one apart from the other. No matter your preference, both companies have quite the reputation for their quality firearms that are sought after by first-time shooters, as well as those more experienced in the firearms industry.

Birth of the VP9

Heckler & Koch unveiled the VP9 in June 2014 following four years of development. This new model is the company’s first striker-fired pistol since the P7 series pistols that were introduced in the 1980’s. As this company is known for its top of the line products, they have continued to provide the best they have to offer in lines like the VP9.

Birth of the PPQ M2

The Walther PPQ M2 is a semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol designed for law enforcement, security, and civilian shooters as a replacement for the Walther P99. While it offers similar features to its predecessor, the PPQ M2 was redesigned with an upgraded trigger, grip, and front slide serrations in addition to the rear.


At first glance, these two pistols appear almost identical; however, a closer look will reveal both aesthetic differences, as well as internal mechanics that differ from one to the other. The VP9, as well as the PPQ both offer an ergonomic grip with an aggressive texture that provides the shooter with a comfortable grip. These ergonomic grips allow the pistol rest easily in the hand. Both pistols offer interchangeable backstraps to adjust the grip to the shooter’s preference, whether you prefer a narrower or thicker grip.


One of the more notable differences is the magazine release. When looking at the Walther, it has almost a familiar feeling to it as it utilizes an American-style magazine release where, with the press of a button, your magazine detaches. The VP9 however, offers an ambidextrous, European-Style magazine release, which may be found alongside the trigger guard. Moving upwards on these pistols, you will find the VP9 includes rear charging assist “fins” that provide you with added grip in the instance you must chamber a round or physically engage your slide in stressful situations. While this is not offered on the Walther, some may prefer the trigger on this pistol over the H&K as it is seemingly lighter, crisper, and responsive to the touch with a much shorter reset. Lastly, while the Walther offers traditional 3-dot white sights, the H&K provides tritium night sights right out of the box that will illuminate with the intensity of a glow-stick in low-light settings, allowing for quick target acquisition at night or in the dark.

Final Thoughts

No matter which platform you prefer, there is no denying that one of these firearms may be a better fit than its competitor. Both pistols are versatile, easy to handle pieces that feel good in the hand, fire smoothly, and have a simple breakdown for easy cleaning and maintenance. If you are in the market for a firearm that will catch others attention, visit us at to check our listings and pickup one of these firearms today.

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