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The Best Revolvers of 2024: A Detailed Overview

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Revolvers don’t often make it into mixed top lists for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they are less popular than pistols. If there is a choice between a pistol and a revolver, an average shooter is more likely to gravitate towards pistols. Secondly, the revolver’s blessing has also become part of its curse. Revolvers aren’t prone to the same issues pistols are. Revolver’s simplicity makes them more reliable, but that reliability also makes them boringly good. After all, you can only write “it’s super dependable” so many times before it starts to lose any sense. But we can right this wrong by making a revolver-exclusive list. One of our recent articles, The Revolver Buyer’s Guide, offers a scrupulous examination of a revolver. Consider giving it a read. But today, we’re here for the Best Revolver of 2024 Guide.  

Table of Contents

The Advantage of .357 Magnum
Taurus 627 
Smith & Wesson Model 27 
Smith & Wesson 642 J Frame 
Ruger GP100

best revolvers 2023

The Advantage of .357 Magnum

Revolvers that use .357 Magnum rounds have a great advantage: they can also use the smaller, less powerful .38 Special rounds. The .38 Special cartridges are cheaper, create less recoil and noise, and produce less muzzle flash compared to the .357 Magnum. This makes .357 revolvers perfect for beginners who aren’t quite ready to handle the full power of the .357 magnum bullets but aren’t too willing to buy a second, less powerful gun simply to practice. 

Now with formalities out of the way, let’s get down to our best revolvers of 2024 review.

TAURUS M627 Tracker

Taurus 627 .357 Magnum Revolver

Are you in the market for a versatile firearm that doesn’t break the bank? Well, look no further! The Taurus M627 .357 Tracker Magnum Revolver is your perfect match. This debonair gentleman will make sure you won’t want to hold a different revolver ever again.

Design and Features

The Taurus 627 sets the bar high with its magnificent looks and lives up to the same standards when the design features enter the stage. 

Its matte stainless steel finish provides an aesthetic appeal that matches its fail-proof performance. The revolver features a 6.5-inch vented, ported barrel with a full underlug. The barrel leans on the heavier side but there is a good reason for it: it helps counteract recoil. The barrel actually contributes a lot to recoil reduction. 

Usually, the propulsion gasses that drive the bullet forward escape from the muzzle together with the bullet. This sudden release of pressure significantly contributes to the gun’s muzzle flip and intensifies the infamous “perceived recoil”. This barrel makes all the difference. Through numerous upward-facing apertures near the end of the firearm, most of these gasses are directed upward before the bullet departs from the barrel. This ingenious concept virtually eliminates the muzzle flip induced by these gasses and effectively counteracts the recoil. 

The seven-round cylinder promises ample firepower, one round richer than most revolvers. The fully adjustable rear sight and red ramp front sight ensure your aim remains spot on. This is particularly handy for sighting the revolver in for different loads and calibers. Which different calibers, you may ask? The revolver accepts .38 Special, .38 Special +P, and .357 Magnum rounds, not to mention all the load variants.  

The gun is a joy to hold thanks to its “Ribber” grip. They are more suitable for people with small-to-average-sized hands, so you might want to look up a different one if you don’t feel like part of this group. In addition to that, the design allows for a two-handed grip, which tips the scales of a heavier barrel.

Performance and Shooting Experience

 Let’s talk about the shooting experience. The Taurus 627 performs like a dream. With so many features aimed at reducing recoil, it comes as no surprise it has been a breeze to handle. I tried three types of cartridges. With regular .38 special rounds, the recoil was barely noticeable, if at all. That felt really strange and I don’t think I’ve experienced something like that before. It was even a bit off-putting, so I proceeded to .38 Special +P. The resemblance of recoil appeared, but it was nowhere near what I’d anticipated. But once I unleashed the .357 magnum rounds, the Taurus 627 truly came alive. It seems we only start appreciating things after we’re on the brink of losing them, so a mild recoil actually felt nice. But even for a Magnum round, it wasn’t too strong, thanks to the marvelous do-it-all barrel.  

Maintenance and Safety

 As for maintenance and safety, the Taurus 627 is built to last. Its all-stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance against wear and tear. The ports in the barrel do require more love during cleaning, but it’s a small price to pay for such an exceptional firearm. Safety-wise, the Taurus 627 is a fortress. A heavier trigger pull, an integrated lock, common for all Taurus handguns, and a transfer bar system work together to prevent any accidental firing. Safe to say, it’s one of the safest revolvers you can get your hands on.

To sum it up, the Taurus 627 .357 Magnum Revolver delivers outstanding value for its price. Its stellar performance, brilliantly designed barrel and reliable design put it right up there with big names like Smith & Wesson and Ruger. 

s&w model 27

Smith & Wesson Model 27 

Ever found yourself in a nostalgic mood, reminiscing about the classic firearms of yesteryears? Well, the Smith & Wesson Model 27 6.5in Blued is here to quench that craving. This iconic firearm, with its blend of old-school charm and modern performance, made a grand reentry into the market. Let’s dive in and see what it has to bring to the table.

Design and Features

If there’s one thing that strikes you at first glance, it’s the sleek, polished look of this revolver. I’ll tell you right away I’m biased because I just love classic revolvers and think this is their prime form. With its high gloss and blued finish, the Model 27 is like that classic car that turns heads wherever it goes. The well-checkered cherry wood grips add an extra touch of elegance, making it a sight for sore eyes. 

If you are concerned that safety innovations passed by this model, fret not. This classic firearm boasts a lockable action, ensuring safety without compromising on aesthetics, all thanks to the subtly positioned locking mechanism just above the cylinder release. At the same time, the four-screw type side plate is a nod to designs of the days past, further bolstering the aura of nostalgia this gun emanates. Like all the best revolvers, it manages to intertwine innovation with tradition, and that’s why I’m fascinated by this gun.

Unlike its predecessors, the Model 27 adopts a frame-mounted firing pin design, deviating from the traditional hammer-mounted approach. The absence of a separate recoil plate on the frame actually boosts the revolver’s durability. 

The single-action trigger press, lighter at just under four pounds, is crisp and satisfying. The trigger itself, wide, serrated, smooth as silk, ensures excellent control, complementing the target-style hammer that sports a finely checkered spur. While the original Model 27 featured countersunk cylinders for safety against blown cases, the advancements in cartridge technology have allowed modern versions to do away with this feature.

Equipped with a bold front post and a rear notch, the sights of the Model 27 promise excellent hit probability and swift target acquisition. However, the checkered grips, though ideal for concealment, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. They are a bit on the thin side and could potentially deliver a firm jolt upon firing. But hey, a little kick adds to the thrill, doesn’t it?

Performance and Shooting Experience

The good-looking Model 27 doesn’t fall short when it comes to performance. The double-action trigger of the Model 27 6.5in Blued pulls smoothly and crisply, like a well-oiled machine. And the single-action pull? It’s as satisfying as snapping a glass rod. Just like the Taurus 627, the revolver handles various ammunition types with ease.

Feels Like Holding History

The Smith​ & Wesson Model 27​ 6.5in Blued is more​ than just a​ firearm – it’s a classic​ that was​ lost to time but​ has returned to​ show everyone​ how things are done. Its​ impeccable ​craftsmanship, reliable performance, ​and nostalgic design ​make it a must-have for​ collectors and​ enthusiasts ​alike. 

S&W 642

Smith & Wesson 642 J Frame 

The Smith & Wesson 642 J Frameranked among the​ best guns for​ concealed carry for ​a good reason. This ​lightweight, snub-nosed​ revolver can find its​ way almost ​anywhere, ​which makes for ​an ideal companion ​for self-defense. Let’s ​delve deeper ​into what makes​ it a standout ​choice.

Design and Features

What’s the first thing that catches your eye about the 642 J Frame? Its compact design! This revolver is small, sleek, and incredibly efficient – everything you might want from a CC gun. 

Constructed with an aluminum alloy frame, the 642 J Frame Revolver boasts a matte silver finish that lends it a sleek, modern look. Although a part of Smith & Wesson’s small frame size category, this revolver nonetheless boasts a robust build. 

The 642 J Frame Revolver also utilizes .38 S&W Special rounds so there won’t be any shooting Magnum cartridges. The handgun houses a standard-for-revolvers 5-round cylinder, so it’s nothing to write home about. 

With a barrel length of 1.9 inches, the 642 J Frame Revolver is designed for close-quarters self-defense scenarios. Quick, short bursts are its major specialization. The revolver weighs between 14.5oz, making it lightweight enough for comfortable everyday carry.

The 642 J Frame features integral front sights. They are not too helpful, to be honest. The trigger is a different story, though. Not in terms of being helpful, there is no shooting without it, but in terms of being a great feature. The double-action trigger is a joy to pull: it’s smooth and consistent with a rolling break in the end. The hammer is enclosed, thus eliminating any risk of snagging. The revolver’s wooden grip dilutes the modernity mixture of the revolver with a tint of classic look. 

Performance and Shooting Experience

Even though the looks don’t suggest it, the S&W 642 is very much like a fiery chili pepper: both may be small, but they certainly deliver a punch. Both figuratively and literally. Due to its size and weight, the gun produces pretty tangible recoil so shooting it for a long time isn’t something I would look forward to. But you won’t shoot more than 5 rounds in a self-defense scenario anyway, so that’s not a big problem. But if you are not yet well-acquainted with guns, there are better options out there.

The Smith & Wesson 642 J Frame is a small but mighty tool in any self-defense arsenal. It doesn’t offer too many features for the money, but it’s nonetheless hard to beat when it comes to all-day carry. The weight-to-power ratio is pretty decent so if you are looking for a self-defense handgun, consider giving it a chance.


Ruger GP100

Ever stumbled upon a gem while digging for gold? That’s what discovering the Ruger GP100 feels like. It’s a versatile revolver that offers a seamless blend of robustness, reliability, and remarkable performance. Let’s dive into its world and explore why it’s a shining star in the firearm universe.

Design and Features

The Ruger GP100​ 357 Mag 6in 6rd Revolver​ is a remarkable​ fusion of power, ​precision, and durability. ​It’s like a well-crafted​ symphony that​ hits all the right​ notes. Let’s break​ down its ​features and decode​ its magic.

The GP100’s frame​ mirrors the resilience​ of its elder​ siblings. It’s built ​like a .44 Magnum, ​with a thick, durable​ frame that uses​ a triple lock ​system. Its side-plate-free​ design further bolsters​ its durability.

The GP100 we’re ​focusing on is ​a .357 Magnum ​variant. However, ​Ruger offers ​GP100 revolvers​ in other calibers, ​including .44 Special, ​.22 LR, 10mm, ​and .327 Magnum, ​giving you a range​ of options to suit your​ needs. The 6-inch​ barrel makes ​the recoil much​ less of a ​problem, allowing ​for non-exhausting ​consecutive shots.

The GP100 ​stands out with​ its six-round ​capacity, not ​quite catching ​up with our ​first hero, the ​Taurus 627, but still​ a decent figure. The​ set of ​adjustable sights is​ a nice addition to​ the bundle. It ​features a low-profile, ​easily adjustable rear ​sight and a high-visibility​ fiber optic front sight, ​both are easy to see and out​ on the ​target.

The smoothness of the GP100’s double-action trigger can only be compared to a heated knife cutting through butter. It may be long and heavy compared to striker-fired guns, but it’s lighter and smoother than most revolver triggers. The spurred hammer is easy to cock, much like flipping the pages of your favorite book.

The GP100 sports a Hogue Monogrip that is both stylish and functional. The design allows for mounting a wide variety of grips, though, so you don’t have to settle for this one if you don’t like it. There is ample texturing for a firm grasp and comfortable fit. It’s a perfect blend of form and function that enhances your shooting experience.

Performance and Shooting Experience

The performance story is pretty similar to that of some other revolvers. With 45 oz of weight, .38 Special rounds felt like nothing. Shooting them was very similar to that of the Taurus M627. The Ruger GP100 lacks apertures in the barrel, but it weighs 5 oz more. Shooting .357 Mag was a different experience. Though not completely deprived of recoil, the revolver did a fine job of curbing its effect. There is even some space for playing with the loads, should you be interested in doing so – the gun will handle them.

The Ruger GP100 is a masterpiece in the realm of revolvers. Its robust design, impressive performance, and versatile nature make it a worthy addition to any firearm collection. Though not particularly suitable for everyday carry, it makes for a perfect gun for home defense. The 6-round capacity and the power of a .357 Magnum work together to make sure your every shot counts. 

And that’s our best revolvers guide for 2024. Check out our other “Best” articles:


How does the Taurus 627 stack up against the Smith & Wesson 686?

The Taurus 627 ​offers similar features​ and performance to ​the Smith & Wesson ​686 but at a friendlier​ price point.

Can the Taurus 627 handle different types of rounds?

Yes! The Taurus 627 ​is versatile and ​can handle .38 ​special, .38 special +p, and ​.357 magnum rounds.

Can I use the Smith & Wesson Model 27 6.5in Blued for concealed carry?

While it ​can be concealed, its larger​ size and weight​ make it more suited​ for open carry or ​home defense.

Are there aftermarket grips available for the Model 27 6.5in Blued? 

Absolutely! You can​ customize the​ grip to your​ preference with ​various aftermarket ​options.

Can the Smith & Wesson 642 J Frame handle +P ammunition? 

Yes, the 642 J ​Frame is rated for ​continuous use​ with .38 Special+P ammo.

What’s the weight of the 642 J Frame? 

Thanks to its ​aluminum alloy and ​stainless steel​ construction, it weighs a​ mere 14.5 ounces.

Is the Ruger GP100 suitable for beginners? 

The manageable ​recoil and robust ​construction make it​ an excellent choice​ for beginners.

How many rounds can the GP100 hold? 

The GP100 can house ​as many ​as six​ capacity.

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