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Benelli Super Vinci Packs Unique Style in a Reliable Shotgun

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By Nancy Jo Adams

The Benelli Super Vinci, another quality, dependable shotgun by Benelli USA designed for those turkey and duck hunters who prefer to shoot magnum loads. I was able to field test this model on an Arkansas duck hunt where it performed well and I found it to have reduced felt recoil with magnum loads.

The Super Vinci has a look all its own with a stylish trigger guard and ergonomically shaped forestock. It took me a little bit to become accustomed to the larger trigger area as it visually seemed lower than other shotguns, but in actuality, the trigger is the same distance as that of other shotguns I have field-tested. The three-piece modular system makes this shotgun one of the easiest to assemble or disassemble. The system includes the barrel/receiver, trigger group/forearm and the QuadraFit buttstock, all packing away neatly in the slim, compact included gun case.


The QuardraFit™ buttstock allows for a user-adjustable drop, cast, comb height, and length of pull for a customized fit. The included shims permits shooters to customize the sighting plane to their personal shooting style and physical build. The ventilated, stepped rib barrel has a mid bead and red bar front sight for accuracy. Benelli’s Crio System® cryogenically treats barrels and Crio System® choke tubes increase pattern density.


Benelli’s innovated In-Line Inertia-Driven® System reduces barrel recoil jump allowing for quicker follow-up shots. The ComfortTech® Plus compliments the recoil reduction system with vibration-absorbing dampeners in the stock and allows for a lighter felt recoil.


The revolutionized V-Grip™ checkering insures a positive grip but was not harsh to the bare hand. The ergonomic trigger guard and safety allows for additional security when handling the Super Vinci with gloves in the marsh or field. Loading and unloading is fast and easy with the oversized dual-purpose release lever. To chamber the cartridge, place a round in the ejection port and press the dual-purpose release lever. To unload shells from the magazine through the loading port without cycling them through the chamber, pull the back portion of the lever rearward.


The Bolt-lock lever is conveniently located on the front of the trigger guard and performs three important functions, it indicates a cocked hammer for instant recognition by sight and feel, it locks the bolt back on an empty chamber, and it releases a shell from the magazine.


The Super Vinci is available in Black Synthetic ComfortTech® Plus model in 26” & 28”, RealTree Max5 ComfortTech® Plus model in 26” & 28”, RealTree APG ComfortTech® Plus model in 26” and Gore Optifade-Marsh ComfortTech® Plus model in 28” and the MSRP ranges from $1,799 to $1,899 depending on model. The 26” overall length is 48.5” and weighs 6.9 pounds and 28” overall length is 50.5” and weighs 7.0 pounds.


The Benelli Super Vinci not only perform well mechanically on the hunt, it also proved its quality and distinct style in the duck blind. It was nice to be able to break down the Super Vinci on the tailgate of my truck, clean it and pack it away in the uniquely designed case for the trip home.

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