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6 Airsoft Accessories That Will Change Your Game

Airsoft is an incredibly fun and exciting sport, but it’s even more enjoyable when you have your own gear. Renting airsoft equipment can be a great way to get started, but it lacks the personal touch that comes with having gear of your own. It’s also often generic, in a bad sense, necessarily, but having the opportunity to customize your weapon and equipment is too good to ignore it. That’s why many airsoft players choose to purchase gear and accessories. If you’re just getting started in airsoft, here are 6 must-have airsoft accessories that will help make your experience even more enjoyable.

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Airsoft Helmets

Airsoft Helmets

Airsoft is all about make-believe and immersion: using real-looking guns without the consequences of original firearms does sound very appealing. However, the BBs used in airsoft are very material and thus can leave a mark if you get hit. That’s why you need to protect your body, especially your head, at all times when playing airsoft.

Helmets are one of the most popular items airsoft players purchase for themselves. These airsoft accessories come in many different shapes and sizes. Airsoft helmets are designed to protect from BBs while also allowing for maximum visibility, comfort, and breathability. They usually feature adjustable straps and padding for a secure fit. Some models have built-in mesh face masks or goggles for additional protection. Many airsoft helmets also come with some sort of accessory mounting surfaces, like Velcro panels or mounting points, that allow for a more custom look.

As you can guess, airsoft helmets are designed specifically for the sport of airsoft and offer protection sufficient to neutralize BB’s impact. They are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn during long games without causing fatigue or discomfort. If you want to get serious with airsoft, we recommend you don’t use any other type of helmet should you own one already. Each helmet is designed for a particular purpose, be it protection from one instance of force or prolonged protection from minor impacts.

airsoft goggle systems

Airsoft Goggle Systems

While some helmets come with face protection, not all of them do. And face protection is arguably even more important since this is where our easy-to-injure eyes are located. Face protection is a must, that’s a rule. Also, it’s nice to know that nobody but you breathed in this mask. Airsoft goggle systems provide the necessary eye and face protection for airsoft players.

The most popular type of airsoft goggle system is the full-seal goggle system, which provides complete coverage of the eyes and face. These goggles are designed to provide maximum protection from BBs, debris, and other potential hazards on the field. They also feature adjustable straps for a secure fit and anti-fog lenses for clear vision in any weather conditions. They come with different types of lenses such as clear lenses for indoor play or smoke lenses for outdoor play in bright sunlight. Mirror lenses can also be used to reduce glare from sunlight or artificial lighting sources on indoor fields.

In addition to full-seal goggles, there are also half-seal goggles that provide partial coverage of the eyes only. These airsoft accessories are typically lighter weight than full-seal goggles and provide better peripheral vision for improved situational awareness on the field.

Airsoft Magazines

Airsoft guns are just like regular firearms in that their performance depends heavily on their feeding reliability. To ensure reliable feeding, you may want to invest in an aftermarket magazine. Aftermarket magazines usually prove to be more reliable than the original ones since you spend more money on them. They are most popular gun-related airsoft accessories players tend to acquire.

Despite seeming universality, there are several types of airsoft pellets. The most popular caliber for airsoft guns is 6mm, but there are also 4.5mm (also known as .177) and 8mm variations of BBs. The 4.5mm BBs are generally used for pistols and low-powered rifles, while 8mm BBs are used for sniper rifles and shotguns. The latter don’t enjoy much popularity due to their larger surface area and air resistance. The 6mm BBs are the most popular type of airsoft ammunition because they work with all types of airsoft guns, from pistols to high-powered rifles. Before buying a magazine for your gun, make sure to check which type of BBs it accepts as not all BBs are interchangeable. If you load your gun with the wrong projectiles, it is bound to fail you.

Airsoft CO2 Cartridges

Airsoft guns are divided into three groups according to their power source. Some of them are spring-powered and thus need no external sources. There are also AEGs airsoft guns that run on batteries and gas-powered airsoft guns.

Gas-powered airsoft guns are usually more impactful than other types. They also offer some recoil which bridges the gap between airsoft and real guns in terms of user experience. When it comes to gas-powered airsoft guns, you can either have gas-filled cartridges or a spray can. Airsoft rifles can run on CO2 and green gasses, while pistols usually use CO2 cartridges. Note that you’ll need to remember the approximate period a single cartridge can run, as it won’t feed your rifle for the whole day. Eventually, you’ll need to refill it or replace an empty cartridge with a new one.

Airsoft Red Dots

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are great for improving any shooter’s accuracy, and airsoft is no exception. When it comes to optics, airsoft users have two options: dedicated airsoft red dots or real ones. Airsoft red dots are designed specifically for airsoft guns, and they usually come with a wide range of features such as adjustable brightness settings, multiple reticles, and even night vision compatibility. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to real red dots but are also much less durable, built for airsoft’s level of recoil.

Real red dots can also be quite beneficial in airsoft matches. Since many airsoft guns share designs with their real counterparts, they can mount the same optics. If you already own a red dot sight, it might be equally useful for your airsoft endeavors. Real red dots are better in all regards than their airsoft counterparts, but they are also more expensive.

Airsoft Plate Carriers

Plate Carriers

As we’ve already mentioned, BBs can leave a mark on you, even if not a significant one. Plate carriers make sure no mark is left on you whatsoever, at least in the area they are protecting. In addition to being a great protective accessory, plate holders provide a secure way to attach other accessories like magazines, admin pouches, and other gear that you may need during a game. They also help to distribute the weight of your gear more evenly across your body, making it easier to move around quickly and efficiently. With the right plate holder, you can be sure that you have all the necessary gear and protection where you need it.


The list of airsoft accessories we’ve provided is by no means exhaustive. There are many other items airsoft players can benefit from and more varieties of the items we’ve covered in this guide. However, all the articles that were mentioned are true must-haves that any airsoft gun owner can benefit from. Safety, utility, reliability, improved performance and uninterrupted shooting experience are some of the major benefits they provide. You can find all the abovementioned items in corresponding categories on our website. 


Is airsoft a cheap hobby?

That depends solely on how much you are willing to spend. You can do only rentals and pay entrance fees or get a whole set of airsoft equipment for your personal use. While not the cheapest of hobbies, airsoft is definitely cheaper than target shooting with real firearms.

Can an airsoft hurt?

Yes, airsoft BBs can occasionally hurt if the shootee is not wearing proper safety equipment. Airsoft BBs are lightweight plastic pellets that travel at high speeds and can cause bruises and welts if they hit unprotected skin. It is recommended to always wear full-body protective gear when playing airsoft, including face and eye protection, to avoid injury.

Are there any restrictions on airsoft gun ownership?

The only restriction imposed on airsoft guns has to do with age. A person who wants to purchase an airsoft gun needs to be 18 years old. However, since they are not classified as firearms, people of all age groups can use them freely. 

What hurts less paintball or airsoft?

Due to the difference in the sizes of ammunition, airsoft hits hurt less than paintball ones. They are also less likely to leave bruises.

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