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Views From 2016 SHOT Show Industry Range Day

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We were on site for this year’s Industry Range Day at the 2016 SHOT, and we had the chance to test out some sharp new firearms as well as shoot a few we’ve been dying to try out. Here are some highlights:

New IWI X95

IWI had their new X95 available to check out today, and this shorter, more compact update of the Tavor SAR is in 5.56 but is easily converted to 9mm.
Coming soon in 2016 is the option to convert to 300 .BLK. We saw a compact, easy to handle update of the Tavor in the X95.

Kriss Vector Additions

Kriss USA had their cool line of 9mm Vectors on display, but the bigger announcement was the addition of .357 and 10mm to the platform in 2016 at an affordable price. The Vector easily converts to other calibers, making the 10mm an especially cool addition for Vector owners and those looking to add one.

CMMG Krink Muzzle

CMMG had their popular Mutant for attendees to try out, but their Krink muzzle system on the Mk47s was also a highlight at their booth. The Krink muzzle serves as a flash suppressor and blast reducer along with reducing recoil slightly, and it comes in 8, 10 and the standard 13 inch lengths.

Other Highlights

We’ll have more to come in the following days, but some other highlights from today include:

  • Ascendent’s heat reducing polymer that was handling 900 rounds from the day and was still cool to the touch.
  • Browning had their new ammo line for shooters to try out.
  • There were an epic amount of clays to burst at the shotgun brands section.
  • But maybe the most fun came with the opportunity to fire an auto 249 at the FNH tent.

We’ll have more for you coming up tomorrow.

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