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Sabre Pepper Spray: Top Choice for Self-Defense? [Review]

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By Carlos Huerta

When it comes to pepper sprays and OC spray, the #1 most trusted brand would have to be Sabre. Pepper sprays are a common everyday carry for stay at home moms, college students, and any other busy lifestyles. OC sprays are utilized by law enforcement and other police agencies as well. This spray is a powerful product carried by organizations in more than 40 countries, and it is an ideal, non-lethal tool to carry for your everyday activities.


Sabre OC Spray

OC” stands for Oleoresin Capsicum, which is an extract from hot peppers. The Sabre brands are 2x hotter than other competing brands, which is 67x hotter than hot sauce. Sabre OC Sprays and Pepper Sprays have a 4-year shelf life, and you can choose different models to fit your needs and lifestyle. From keychains, to pens, or even lipsticks, Sabre makes sure you’re protected daily. They even offer sprays for joggers with armbands, so you can always be prepared no matter where you are.

Think of your pepper spray as a diversionary tool, which may allow you some time to escape. When you spray your attacker, your tool will buy you those few seconds, which could potentially be life-saving. There’s one video on their website of a police officer that had the product tested on him, washed his face and eyes out multiple times, and was still unable to see for at least five minutes. If you can hit your attacker in the face with this spray you will have more than enough time to get away.


Top 5 Reasons to carry OC Spray

  1. Protection at a safe distance – Depending on wind, the OC stream pattern can fire from 8-12 feet, the cone pattern can fire up to 8-10 feet, and the gel stream can from 12-14 feet. With the OC Spray, it allows you to protect and defend yourself from a safe distance.
  2. Protection from multiple threats – Most models carry up to five times more burst than other competing products. This means your product can have multiple burst if you were defending yourself from multiple attacks.
  3. Sabre products are legal to carry in all 50 States – No permits required.
  4. Sabre pepper sprays/OC sprays do not require size or strength to use – One of the great reasons to own pepper spray is the easiness to use. No great strength needed, it’s a straight forward, easy to control and use. Just aim and spray. (Just watch the direction of the wind)
  5. Proven effective – no matter the situation.



There are several Sabre Holsters available for carrying your non-lethal spray. Their holsters are sturdy, dependable, and secure on your belt for easy access. The Sabre OC sprays comes in 2 safety tops: The Flip Top and the Twist Top. Both tops are easy to use but provide that extra safety element.


Another perk about Sabre is that their website offers training videos that illustrate a variety of different scenarios for using your spray. They offer free videos demonstrating proper technique to help ensure the correct use of your equipment. When purchasing your spray, be sure to check out their hundreds of videos for best results and reviews. This company is truly about keeping people safe and protective.

Every Day Carry

Personally, I love carrying my Sabre spray because it’s a good and reliable non-lethal option. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and it is made by a trusted company. My Sabre pepper spray is one of the most affordable protection options. It can be used against any threat, both people and wild animals. Every household should have a multi-layered defense plan. Your pepper spray should not only be a home defense option but part of your defense plan as well. Having a non-lethal option is both practical and smart. I

prefer the gel formula pepper spray in my home because it’s ideal for indoor use and easy to clean up. The gel stream is easier to aim and use as you are guaranteed to hit your mark without getting a mess all over your home. The gel also lessens the risk of collateral damage. If you were to use the gel pepper spray outside, its thicker formula is more resistant against wind. This means there is less chance of your pepper spray coming back and hitting you, if the wind is blowing in your direction. Rain won’t affect the accuracy of the spray. either Another thing people love is that the pepper spray is ready to be used at any time. You do not have to shake it before spraying like you do with similar products on the market.


Disadvantages To Keep In Mind

Along with the pros, there are some cons. As I mentioned before, watch the direction of the wind as you do not want this spray to come back at you. Even if it does hit its target, there is no guarantee it will stop the attacker. In some cases, pepper spray has been known to have little to no effect on people. You could get a severe and immediate reaction, or nearly nothing at all. If someone’s adrenaline is pumping, he may not even feel the effects of the pepper spray. Drug addicts may not even be aware that they were sprayed. There have been known cases where an attacker is able to fight through the pain, forcing you to move from non-lethal tactics. If you are not carrying your canister regularly, be sure to watch the expiration date. Also, test your spray to make sure everything still works properly. The last thing you want to do is carry an expired pepper spray. For maximum effectiveness, it is ideal to have the canister in a readily accessible location, such as on a keychain or lanyard. Removing the OC Spray from the bottom of your bag or purse may require too much time and allow the attacker to advance before defending yourself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Sabre is backed up by 40 years of American made equipment and products. Their products are trusted by police departments and consumers worldwide. Personally, I enjoy carrying my Sabre OC spray when walking my dog or running an errand. It’s small, compact and can fit anywhere. When it comes to OC spray, Sabre is the most effective and inexpensive brand on the market. I prefer to carry an OC spray in my bag and have one ready in the car. It’s a perfect addition to your EDC (everyday carry) collection. Remember, Sabre is legal to carry anywhere and anytime. After five years of carrying Sabre, I continue to stand behind their products.

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