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A Quick Guide to Gun Slings

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You can get everything on Amazon, right? The world’s largest internet retailer has an astonishing amount of products for sale, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 million items today. One could say Amazon sells products for almost every lifestyle, hobby and legal activity out there. However, there is one activity that is sorely underrepresented in the Amazon search bar: shooting sports. What is allowed and what is prohibited can be pretty confusing. For example, single picatinny or weaver rails are permitted to be sold on Amazon while multi-rail systems like quad rails are prohibited. The choice of gun slings on Amazon is poor to say the least, but one thing is sure: you’ll find them loads of them at

Sling Types

Finding something as simple as a sling for a rifle or shotgun on Amazon can be complex. Amazon states that “two point and traditional slings” are allowed while “single point, 3-point, tactical, and quick detach slings” are prohibited. If you’re not sure how all those slings differ, let’s break it down real quick:

  • Two point slings – These slings are what you envision when you think about an old hunting rifle with a sling on it. The sling is attached to the firearm at two points, both the front and the back. A two point sling can be worn on one shoulder or diagonally across the body, and when worn this way, they can reduce the weight of a firearm during travel. Many two point slings can be also used as shooting aids.
  • Single point slings – These slings are attached to the firearm at one point on the underside of the stock. They are worn around the neck and under one arm. Single point slings are designed to keep the firearm in front of the body, but they still allow the user to access gear and pistols on the side of their body. Single point slings are not very effective at relieving firearm weight when worn.
  • 3-point slings – This third variety of sling is attached to the weapon like a two point sling, but its third point of attachment is to the body. 3-point slings can be also worn as a harness. They keep the weapon securely fastened to the shooter and can be worn in a variety of ways to reduce weapon fatigue like a two point sling.
  • Tactical slings – The term tactical is used to describe any equipment initially designed for military applications, but it does not further describe any other sling elements. Using this term is not as accurate as using single, two or three point to describe a sling.
  • Quick detach slings – A quick detach feature can be found on any type of sling, and they allow the user to free the weapon from their body quickly. Often a quick detach point is not on the sling but on the sling mount.

Slings You Can’t Buy On Amazon

Promag Two Point Tactical Sling

This first item is probably the most confusing as far as Amazon definitions go. The Promag Two Point Tactical Sling is a two point sling, and in that regard, it first sounds like it is an allowed product on Amazon. But then we come to the “tactical” part, which is open to some interpretation. The materials suggest military use as they are mil-spec double nylon webbing, but a hunter would find these tough materials worthwhile for their purposes as well. This sling also has a quick release “emergency” buckle, which would likely qualify as a quick detach sling as far as Amazon is concerned. This Promag sling uses a popular HK hook attachment that could also be interpreted as quick release.

You probably won’t find this on Amazon, but you will find this versatile sling suited for a variety of rifles here at Gritr Sports.

Price: $23 at Gritr Sports right now.


Magpul MS3 Single QD Gen 2 Gun Sling

Today’s modern slings aren’t confined to act as just one variety. It’s hard to beat the options that Magpul provides, and their Magpul MS3 Single QD Gen 2 Gun Sling is the perfect example of a sling that can convert from a single point to a two point sling. In addition to this adaptability, the MS3 sling comes with a one point quick release attachment that can be used even when the sling is worn as a two point. Plenty of other features make this a great sling for a variety of shooters who want a little something extra out of their sling.

Price: $57.95 at Gritr Sports right now.


Magpul MS1 Gun Sling

Once again, this dedicated two point Magpul MS1 Gun Sling may appear like something that Amazon allows, but when you add an additional adapter, it can be used as a single point sling. Adaptability is an excellent thing in any product, but you might not get those added features when you shop with Amazon.

Price: $25.49 at Gritr Sports right now.


The point here is if you want an accurate picture of the different firearm and accessory models and brands available today, it’s not wise to go to Amazon for that purpose. Sure Amazon is great for a lot of things, but firearms and accessories are not one of them. You’ll find a much better shopping experience here at Gritr Sports for your shooting sports supplies, so start your search here at a site powered by freedom and the Second Amendment.

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