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PMC X-Tac 5.56mm Ammo: Why It Is Ideal for Target Shooting

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

I know articles claiming that some round is the best for whatever purpose are more than plentiful. But could there really be so many “best” rounds? I don’t have the answer, but I know there is more ammo out there than us people writing about it. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that several rounds can be equally good at performing one task. Today, I’m going to write about one such candidate – the PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo. In this review, I’ll delve into the specifics of this remarkable ammo and explore why it’s a top choice for target shooting. I’ve tested this ammo with a Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 rifle and will tell you how that turned out.

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pmc x tac 5.56

Who is PMC?

PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo is an outstanding product of Poongsan Corporation, a South Korean company with a rich history in the ammunition industry. Having profound expertise in non-ferrous metals, the corporation bought out South Korea’s ammunition plant in 1973 and has been producing ammo of all stripes ever since. The factory bears the name ‘Precision Made Cartridges’, hence the PMC as the name of the brand.

The initial goal was to meet all the needs of the South Korean military to break its dependency on foreign importers. Long story short, the company accomplished that task with flying colors and even managed to spread its influence beyond the country’s borders. As of 2024, PMC ammo is used by numerous law enforcement agencies and militaries all over the world. If there is any better proof of the brand’s quality than the trust of the people who deal with firearms every day, the chances are PMC has that proof in their basket.

pmc x tac 556

The Basics of PMC X-Tac Ammo

Now, the full name of this magnificent round is PMC X-Tac 5.56mm NATO 55 Grain FMJ. Some might see nothing but a collection of random words, but every letter and number stands for an important aspect of the round. 

X-Tac is the name of the ammo series. PMC has many series in their portfolio, and this one is reserved for law enforcement and military applications. This series in particular is in service with the South Korean military and some of the NATO countries’ armies, as it meets the set specifications. 

5.56 NATO is the caliber and another confirmation that the ammo complies with the Alliance’s standards. The caliber is often seen on popular AR-style rifles and carbines, which are known to be one of the most popular gun choices for American gun firearm owners. The round has passed the test of time and apparently is the one you’re interested in.

55 Grain is the weight of the bullet, and it’s one of the two load variants for PMC X-Tac 5.56 ammo. The bullet weight is not the only feature that differentiates these two loads, but it is the most easily noticeable one. 

FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket, and that’s the style of bullet – the nose and the sides covered with harder metal. You can expect this round to boast great penetration and be pretty affordable and clean to shoot. But don’t expect it to inflict as much damage as JHP or give the match-grade precision.

pmc x tac 5.56 reviews

Features of PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo

An experienced shooter needs but a glance to understand everything I’ve written in the section above. But you never know who may come across your writing, and I’d rather readers had an understanding regardless of their experience. But it’s time to get to features that the name of the ammo won’t give away. 


Let’s begin with the round’s general quality. Poongsan Corporation’s expertise in metalwork truly shows – the exterior looks quite well-made. The primer is sealed, which boosts the reliability of the round and makes it highly weather-resistant. Rest assured, no weather, however adverse, will undermine the performance of this round. The annealed brass case is another high-quality element of the round’s exterior that also happens to make the ammo great for reloading. I prefer my ammo preassembled, but if you are a reloading enthusiast, this ammo will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Bullet Design

Appearances aside, let’s look at more functional features like bullet design. The name doesn’t have it, but the bullet is boat-tailed. Unlike traditional bullets with their flat bases, the boat tail bullet is tapered toward the base, its sides narrowing slightly to resemble a boat. The purpose behind this design is to make the flight of the bullet steadier by increasing the bullet’s stability. It will be less affected by the wind and thus will have a better ballistic coefficient.

pmc x tac 5.56 55gr

Field Test: PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ

The words don’t mean much unless they are backed up by performance. So, how does PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55-grain ammo shoot? I’ll start by saying that not a single round failed. FMJ ammo is generally known to be more reliable than other types, but it’s always nice to know you can rely on a round.

I had 10 boxes to test, which is 200 rounds, which is more than I’ve tested at one go so far, so this selection is pretty reliable. As a reminder, I tested these with a Daniel Defense DDM4 V7, 16” barrel.

Beginning with feelings at hand, the recoil felt great. Great as in slightly less than usual for 5.56 NATO. I wouldn’t say that recoil is much of a problem with these rounds or AR in general, but if I can get less, I’ll take it. 

Accuracy. They say both firearms and ammunition are as accurate as the person who uses them. That’s partly true, but poorly made equipment can hinder your performance quite easily. But of course, PMC X-Tac 5.56mm wouldn’t know anything about it: the round performs excellently.

PMC has listed the ballistic coefficient of X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain as 0.243, which is not bad at all. Long, pointed bullets are generally better at overcoming wind drag, so it’s not surprising, really. I wouldn’t say I was able to fully appreciate this number, shooting the first hundred rounds at 25 yards, but the 

I wanted to test how the bullet performs when shooting at a longer range (400-600 yards) and that wasn’t possible on our GRITR Range. And so I ventured into the wilderness together with my shooting buddy to shoot steel.

This is where that wind drag resistance truly shone. I personally enjoy shooting steel targets because, with the whole bullseye thing gone, it feels like there is less pressure. And the sound is very rewarding, and I heard it every time I shot. As such, I can only assume that the medium-range shooting capabilities of this round (together with Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 and myself) are quite trustworthy.

 I’ve also checked the barrel after having shot 200 rounds, and it didn’t need maintenance. The round is very clean-burning, and it’s always nice when you don’t need to clean your gun after every shooting session.

Why PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo is Perfect for Target Shooting

There are several things that make a cartridge more or less suitable for target shooting. PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain boasts all the qualities that an exemplary target round should possess:

Streamlined Profile: the boat tail design, which improves the stability of the bullet and results in a steadier bullet flight.

FMJ: Full Metal Jacket is the best candidate for target shooting. Since the primary goal is not to inflict as much damage as possible but to land a precise shot, FMJ is the most optimal choice.

Sealed Primer: Sealed primer boosts two characteristics of this round: weather resistance and cleanliness of shooting. Both of these factors are important for target shooting. Weather resistance makes the round more reliable in adverse weather conditions. And since target shooting is usually associated with spending loads of ammunition, the cleanliness of shooting reduces the fouling and increases the longevity of the barrel. 

Consistency: the PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain round proved to be very consistent both at short and medium ranges. I got a 1.2” group at 25 yards and I’m pretty happy with that. All rounds I shot at steel targets reached their goal, and with that, I am also happy. 

Price: the round is relatively cheap – which is always a benefit when it comes to buying ammo. Target shooting involves a lot of training and nobody wants to spend a small fortune while training.   

Guys at True Shot Ammo made a quick an informative review of PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain round, consider giving it a look. 

Comparison with PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 62 Grain LAP

The two rounds are often compared, which is understandable since they come from the same series. The 62-Grain LAP mimics the green-tip ammo used by the U.S. military. These cartridges have steel-core bullets, and thus are not safe to use in indoor ranges, but are otherwise fine to train with. Here’s a comparison table for the two rounds.


PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ 

PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 62 Grain LAP


5.56x45mm NATO

5.56x45mm NATO

Bullet Type

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

Light Armor Piercing (LAP)

Bullet Weight

55 grains

62 grains

Muzzle Velocity

3,120 – 3,270 fps

Approximately 3,100 fps

Muzzle Energy

1,316 ft-lbs

1,323 ft-lbs










Best Used For

Target shooting, Training

Target shooting, Training, Tactical applications


PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ ammo left me nothing but satisfied. I do appreciate the round’s reliability in both cycling and performance. It also doesn’t break the bank and is very consistent, which makes it an ideal choice for target shooting. If you own an AR or any other gun chambered in 5.56 NATO, I strongly recommend you consider this cartridge.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this ammo. Leave a comment if you’ve ever shot it or if you simply want to write something – the comment space is yours to take. Be well and be safe.

Check out our other article on ammo:

PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo is a product of Poongsan Corporation, a South Korean company with expertise in the ammunition industry.

The weight of the bullet in PMC X-Tac 5.56mm FMJ Ammo is 55 grains, whereas the LAP variant features a 62-grain bullet.

PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo is considered ideal for target practice due to its streamlined profile, FMJ bullet design, sealed primer, consistency, and affordability. It is also perfect for plinking and long-range shooting.

Yes, PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo is reloadable.

The ballistic coefficient of PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo is listed as 0.243.

PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ Ammo and PMC X-Tac 5.56mm 62 Grain LAP are both from the same series. The 55 Grain FMJ is suitable for target shooting, while the 62 Grain LAP is designed for training and tactical applications. They differ in bullet type, bullet weight, muzzle velocity, and best usage.

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