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MagnetoSpeed M-Series Grip Review

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By Trampas Swanson

Without a doubt, the AR-15 is one of the most versatile firearms ever created in history. So with it, there isn’t any wonder why it also has the widest offering of aftermarket parts on the market. Everything from lights, lasers, free float handguards, optics and on and on fill the shelves and peg hooks of every gun shop in America today. These options are primarily designed to give a shooter options on length of pull, trigger weight, or simply Picatinny rail accessories.

However, one area that is not addressed very often is the hollow space underneath the standard A2 style AR grip. Aside from giving the shooter a firm purchase on the rifle, the grip simply houses the grip screw and holds the safety detent spring in place. A handful of companies have offered grips in the past with hard to remove rubber inserts for an extra loose .223 / .556 round or two. Worse yet, the loose rounds always seem to annoyingly rattle around inside. Recently, I discovered a new product from a trusted name in the firearms industry that not only addresses the wasted space inside the grip but offers the shooter viable options for storage and additional accessories. Best of all, these accessories add hardly any noticeable weight.


MagnetoSpeed M-Series Grips

In early 2018, MagnetoSpeed, one of the leading manufacturers of ballistic chronographs, released the M-Series grips and accessories. The grip is very ergonomic and feels good in the hand when shouldering the rifle. The aggressive texture on the sides combined with the pebbled rib-like rear texture and front strap finger groove make the grip rock solid in my hand regardless of wet or dry conditions. For added comfort, MagnetoSpeed includes a smooth as glass surface in the area where the tender web of your hand would wrap around the grip. This means no more blisters or raw spots between my thumb and index finger after running the rifle all day. By itself, the grip is a solid option if looking to replace the seemly narrow traditional A2 style grip. Retailing at $31.99, the MagentoSpeed M-series grip is priced about the same as its competitors on the market. Yet where the real magic lies is in what this grip offers in addition to just other handle to hold a rifle.


MagnetoSpeed M-Series Accessories

The M-Series Grip comes standard with a small DryBOX concealed inside the hollow internal space for an extra set of ear plugs, tax stamp paperwork or other small items you wish to keep on hand. With the press of a button located on the bottom of the grip’s front strap, the DryBox drops freely for fast access. This comes in handy a lot of times when taking friends to the range. It never fails that someone forgets their hearing protection and needs a set of disposable plugs. I usually keep a couple of sets in the DryBox compartment. If the grip was installed on one of my rifles in which the weapon mounted light and the optic both ran using the same style battery, I would pack the DryBox full of batteries to be ready at a moment’s notice.


MiniLight Module

In addition to the DryBox, MagnetoSpeed offers three other options that can be purchased separately to enhance your M-Series grip. The first is a handy MagnetoSpeed MiniLight Module that comes complete with a hat clip and Picatinny rail adaptor. While at first glace some may overlook this accessory due to its simple name and application, there is more to it and the average person may consider. Encased in the small flashlight housing are both very bright white LEDs for illuminating an entire small room as well as red LED lights to preserve your night vision when searching in the total dark. By using LEDs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs, the battery life of the 123 lithium is greatly enhanced.

magnetospeed-m-series-4 magnetospeed-m-series-5

With having a MiniLight neatly tucked away in the grip, you also have the advantage of having a secondary light option for your AR-15 if you are running a weapon mounted light. Using the theory, “Two is one, one is none,” having a back up is never a bad idea in case of failure. Using the additional clips, you can quickly deploy the MiniLight and toss onto your handguard rail or brim of your cap to be back into the action during low light. For those not wishing to potentially muzzle sweep anything or anyone that don’t wish to destroy with a weapon mounted light, having a second light on the hat brim or in hand adds a better field of view as well as safety. With an MSRP of $84.99, I found the MiniLight wasn’t a gimmicky grip light but rather a viable lighting option for those not wishing to keep up with a second light in their kit.


Three Round Magazine

The next M-Series option comes in the form of a small three round AR-15 magazine. Unlike other grip compartments that offer one or two loose rounds rattling around, this is a legitimate magazine that loads quickly and drops free easily to give the shooter three rounds in handle when all other options have been spent. To load into the grip, just turn it sideways and pop it into the empty compartment. With the press of the small button at the bottom of the grip’s front strap, out pops the magazine ready for action!

I found myself using this little magazine with a couple of my other AR platform rifles set up for long range precision. The limited capacity was perfect for sighting in my high-power optics with three round shot groups. I could load it up quickly and pop it in without having to adjust my rifle’s height for a longer magazine protruding out of the magazine well onto the shooting bench. With a MSRP of only $10.99, I will probably end up purchasing 3 or 4 more of these little mags for various uses with and without the grip.


MagnetoSpeed MonoPod Module

Finally, the latest option to be released in the M-Series is the MagnetoSpeed MonoPod Module. This is perhaps my favorite of the series for my bipod equipped AR platform rifles. Coming from a precision shooting background as a retired SWAT sniper, I fully appreciate the value of having a rearward mounted monopod. My personal preference has always been the tradition full rear mounted position, but the M-Series MonoPod offers a quick deploying option in a location that is super easy to use and adjust.

Like the other inserts, the MonoPod just pops into place and released via the front strap button. Unlike the others, this one has a small bottom mounted dial with a red button imbedded into it. With the press of this button, the MonoPod’s extension rockets into full length position. By turning the dial left or right, the extension can be adjusted in small increments to find just the right height for your shot. If this 3” extension isn’t enough height, the entire unit can be slowly slid from the grip housing and held in place via a large red spring-loaded button to give you an additional 1.25” of solid rear support. Its MSRP of $89.95 is a good deal cheaper than a lot of its competitors, yet it still offers a handy rear support option for the long range or precision shooter. I expect to be adding several of these to my current and future scoped AR projects.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the MagnetoSpeed M-Series is an impressive niche in the AR-15 market. Sadly, there seems to be a current trend by some people looking to lighten up their rifles with minimized stocks and cut away magazine wells for a sexy appearance and a few less ounces on a rifle they will never have to carry further than the max distance of the car to the range. Those folks will never realize that what is even sexier than a skeletonized receiver and a carbon fiber handguard is having everything you realistically need at your finger tips when the situation calls for it. Truly no one cares how pretty or tacti-cool your rifle is. The M-Series is another example of how MagnetoSpeed continues to think outside the box and be a leader in the firearms industry today. To find out more about the M-Series and how you can purchase your own kit, visit GritrSports to find set up right for you today.

Trampas Swanson

Born and raised in eastern NC, started shooting firearms at age 6, and life long hunter. Retired Deputy Sheriff serving as a supervisor and SWAT sniper unit with a background in narcotics and crime scene investigations task forces. Now living in Florida as a husband, new father, local gunsmith, firearms instructor and freelance writer for various firearms publications.

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