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Canik Mete SFT 9mm Review: The Test of Time Passed?

Canik is a brand known to capture the attention of the gun community every once in a while. Their first time in the limelight was with the TP9 model. That attention was fully deserved – to this day, Canik TP9 remains a popular and reliable 9mm option, especially after the brand corrected some of the shortcomings in the later versions. 2021 marked another instance of Canik’s time in the spotlight – the Canik METE SFT came out, a proclaimed heir and successor of the TP9 line. Today, I’ll take a look at the METE SFT pistol to see whether its claim to the throne is justified.

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Design and Construction

Canik announced the METE family as the heir to the TP series’ legacy, which is not too surprising, given how popular that model was. But the renowned TP9 was released back in 2012, and it was apparent it would eventually need a successor. In many ways, the Canik METE is that successor. The brand calls it an evolution of the line that accounts for the feedback from both engineers and consumers. The point is, many aspects of the METE SFT’s design will be very familiar to those who have ever held a TP9 pistol. Evolution but not revolution – that’s how I would describe it.   

So, what catches the eye? The METE SFT is what some may call a duty gun, whereas others will use the word “full-size”. The long slide design definitely gives the gun a sleek, streamlined look. The aggressive front and rear slide serrations promise a hitchless handling experience, and so does the texturing on the 3 sides of the grip. The trigger guard looks like it could bring ergonomics to the next level with a redesigned beavertail as its accomplice. An iron crown of the slide, the three-dot sights, boasts a somewhat plain appearance but is nonetheless ready to help anyone who might need its assistance.  

Now, let’s take a closer look at what the Canik METE SFT has to offer. 

Canik METE


The grip is one of the first features to give away the apparent improvement of the METE SFT series. The aggressive texturing ensures a firm, gritty hold, without being overly abrasive or causing discomfort. This gritty feel extends to the front of the grip, which is a curious decision I definitely don’t mind. 

The backstrap surface is dotted with raised bumps, which, together with all the features mentioned, results in a very positive and comfortable grip. Adding to the comfort is a redesigned beavertail that allows the web of the shooter’s hand to sit comfortably. 

canik mete sft 9mm


The long slide design features aggressive front and rear slide serrations – all in there to provide positive-traction handling. The rear serrations could have been more pronounced, but it’s more of a quibble rather than a complaint.

One of the most notable features on the slide is the loaded chamber and striker fire indicators. These are located at the front of the slide and at the rear end respectively and they make for really nice additions – the less guesswork involved, the better. 

The slide also features an optics cut that allows for co-witnessing with microoptics, if that’s something you are interested in. The cut accepts Trijicon RMRcc and Shield footprints.

The slide also includes a 1913 MIL-STD picatinny under-barrel rail, so should you be willing to mount a light, you will have an opportunity to do so.

canik mete sft review


You know how triggers are often pedestrian at best on polymer-framed pistols? The original TP9 suffered from the same issue, but the TP9SA model set a new standard not only for the brand but the whole market. The trigger on the METE SFT follows in its ancestor’s footsteps and proves to be an absolute joy to pull. The quarter-inch light but tangible take-up, followed by a crisp and clean break, is one of the reasons why Canic is said to have a profound expertise in triggers. The reset, at just an eighth of an inch, was fast and responsive. All guns in the series are single-action striker-fired ones, so the trigger pull is around 3.75 pounds. 

canik mete sft white


Canik added a few features to the METE SFT to improve its ergonomics over the TP9. The double undercut trigger guard (back & front) definitely improves the purchase of the support hand. 

The ambidextrous slide stop got smaller, in response to the feedback on the excessively big one in TP9. This one won’t impede your grip in any way (at least it didn’t impede mine). I do appreciate its being ambidextrous, I feel like everybody benefits from it. The new slide stop design also makes it easy to replace the trigger (should you have something even better in mind).

Another feature that marks the upgraded nature of the METE SFT is the flared magwell. This feature contributes to quicker loads and also makes it easier to lock your dominant hand.

As a note, the easy-in & out push pins only need a bit of pressure and a Canik punch to remove, which makes disassembling and assembling the gun a pretty easy task. There are four primary parts, so it’s hard to get lost while doing so. 

canik mete sft for sale


If you are a fan of iron sights, which will probably turn out to be true for at least one person reading this, then this model has much to offer. Iron sights, to be more precise. The Canik METE SFT is equipped with a 3-dot sight system, which is often chosen for its simplicity and ease of use. The sights are as basic as they get – only the first sights invented were simpler, but they will get the job done. 

The sights are also raised to allow for co-witnessing, which in turn is possible thanks to optics ready slide cut. If you want to mount something different instead of the rear sight, and the chances are you will, you can very well do so. However, you’ll need to make sure to get something compatible. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the optic cut only accommodates Canik-specific sights. Those are not necessarily hard to come by, but your options are somewhat limited: Trijican’sRMRcc and Shield are your main candidates.


The Mete SFT comes with two standard capacity magazines, one holding 20 rounds and the other 18. The inclusion of an E-Z loader mag and a Speed magwell for quicker magazine changes is a thoughtful touch. The mags are fine, I tried both that come together with the pistol and they functioned properly. Nothing more to add. 

CANIK Mete SFT Arctic

Performance & Shooting Experience

I’ve covered many aspects of my experience with this gun while describing its components. The grip is really comfortable, I didn’t feel any need to squeeze it harder than usual and it didn’t try to slip away – the texturing does its job perfectly. The flared magwell does help with the reloading, even though those are not huge time savings on a larger scale, it still feels as if more optimized. 

It’s a standard 9mm pistol, so I wasn’t perplexed by the issue of which ammo to choose. I recently wrote an article on the best 9mm ammo, so I took the three cheapest options: Sellier & Bellot 9mm 124 Grain FMJ, Magtech 9mm 115 Grain FMJ and CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115 Grain FMJ.

I wouldn’t say I work miracles with pistols, but Canik METE SFT definitely felt like it was working together with me. The trigger really made the difference, an absolute joy, as I’ve already said. I managed to keep groups within a 4” margin, similar to Staccato 2011 I’ve tested this month, all at 25 yards at our GRITR Range. I don’t have any complaints regarding the recoil or precision (it’s hard to blame iron sights for anything, they can help you only so much anyway). No failure to feed, extract or eject, the rounds cycled flawlessly. 

Parting Shots

I would say the title of the TP9’s successor fits METE SFT like a glove. Boasting some notable visual and functional improvements, the METE SFT has all the chances to take away the spotlight for good. By August, it will have been around for three years, which is quite enough to let every fully appreciate what the pistol has to offer.

It’s absolutely worth the money, regardless of the model you choose. It’s hard to even put your finger on any disadvantages weighty enough to advise against buying it. I would say the limited choice of red dots sort of throws the fly in this ointment, but the ones that are compatible are pretty good. Otherwise, it’s a great full-size pistol that will be a delight to shoot on the range.  

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The METE SFT’s grip has aggressive texturing on the three sides for a firm but comfortable hold.

The slide has front and rear slide serrations, loaded chamber and striker fire indicators, an optics cut for co-witnessing with microoptics and a 1913 MIL-STD picatinny under-barrel rail.

The METE SFT sports a double undercut trigger guard for improved support hand purchase, a smaller ambidextrous slide stop, and a flared magwell for quicker loads and easier locking of the dominant hand.

Canik Mete SFT is equipped with a 3-dot sight system, raised for co-witnessing, and has an optics-ready slide cut for mounting compatible sights such as Trijicon RMRcc and Shield.

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