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Benelli Super Black Eagle II Shotgun Review

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Unparalleled Versatility for any Sportsman’s Arsenal

By Nancy Jo Adams

A reliable, all-around shotgun is valuable in any sportsman’s arsenal. In my research for the perfect shotgun that was proven for turkey hunting, duck hunting, upland game, and shooting sports, I ran across the Benelli Super Black Eagle II. It was important to find a quality shotgun that was capable of cycling light target loads but still be able to handle steel shot for duck hunting and magnum loads for turkey hunting.


The Benelli brand and reputation is no stranger to reliable shotguns that perform well in the field or on the range. With a wide range of models, there is the perfect shotgun for every gun enthusiast or hunter. The Super Black Eagle has been Benelli’s flagship semi-automatic for field and range with only one shortcoming, the ability to shoot 3.5” magnum loads. Benelli USA introduced the Benelli Super Black Eagle II (SBE II) for those waterfowl and turkey hunters that prefer magnum loads.


The SBE II is designed for softer recoil with the ComforTech™ recoil reduction system that incorporates eleven vibration-absorbing dampeners in the stock, a comb insert cushioning the shooters’ cheek and an anatomically formed gel pad designed to fit perfectly in the natural curve of the shoulder and spread the recoil where mounted. The ultra-reliable Inertia Driven System® requires no maintenance. The simple flawless design incorporates only eight parts and relies on the Law of Inertia. The combustion gasses are expelled with the shot, and the design doesn’t allow the combustion gasses to ever come in contact with the mechanical parts.  The combination of the ComforTech™ recoil reduction system, ultra-soft gel pad, soft cheek comb and the Inertia Driven® System reduces 48% felt recoil allowing not only for comfortable repetitive shooting but also the ability for fast recovery from muzzle jump when moving from one target to another.

The safety is located conveniently behind the trigger and the ergonomically designed trigger guard is 30% larger than the standard trigger guard to allow easier access for a gloved trigger finger. The AirTouch® grip of the stock and forend allows for a secure grip with its dimpled surface even when the hands or gun are wet. The length of pull right out of the box is 14 3/8”. The shotgun features a 2” drop at heel and a 1 3/8” drop at heel. A shim kit is included to customize the stock drop for the correct sighting plane of the shooter.


The SBEII is designed with the Crio® System barrel is available in 24”, 26” or 28” and features a fiber-optic red bar front sight and a metal bead mid sight. The SBEII is can be ordered in a right- or left-hand configuration with Specialty Performance Shop models and a rifled slug 3” chambered editions available. For increased pattern density, a Crio® System choke tube set is included, which incorporates a Cylinder (C) .625 constriction, Improved Cylinder (IC) .615 constriction, Modified (M) .605 constriction, Improved Modified (IM) .600 constriction & Full (F) .595 constriction choke set and wrench is included. The magazine capacity of 3+1 can hold a variety of shot, from 2 ¾”, 3” to 3.5, without adjustment. Benelli recommends a minimum of 3 DRAM, 1 1/8” ounce load.


The SBE II is available with the ComforTech™ or SteadyGrip™ stock in black synthetic, Realtree Max5®, Realtree APG®, Satin Walnut, Mossy Oak Bottomland, or Gore™ Optifade™ concealment in Marsh or Timber. The SBE II weighs on at seven pounds 1 ounce to seven pounds four ounces depending on the model. The MSRP varies from $1,569 to $1,899 depending on configuration. The shotgun includes a durable custom-fitted molded gun case and a magazine plug.


If you are in the market for a high-quality all-around shotgun that will perform well in the field, the duck marsh or at the range, the Benelli Super Black Eagle II will not only meet your highest expectations, its unparalleled versatility will far exceed what you are looking for in a semi-automatic sporting shotgun.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the products reviewed or mentioned within this writing is an endorsement and the writer may or may not have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product. Logos and photos are the sole property of the rightful owner and used within this writing solely for the promotion of products herein as requested by the product’s manufacturer or in efforts of product exposure for the manufacturers.

Nancy Adams

Nancy Jo Adams is an avid accomplished huntress, freelance and staff writer for several media sources. Nancy Jo enjoys being active in social media and penning her blog, Shenanigans From the Field at her website Life in Camo Media. Among various skills, she is known in the industry for product exposure through field testing products and promoting the product through published reviews and on social media. As co-owner of Life in Camo Media with her husband, Richard Holt, they enjoy hunting the nation and working together in photography/videography capturing product usage in the field. Having the opportunity to hunt multiple states annually for various game animals, there are ample opportunities to field test products. Nancy Jo is an active member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), Georgia Outdoor Writer’s Association (GOWA), National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Quality Deer Managment Association (QDMA), and Safari Club International-Alabama Chapter (SCI-AL).

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