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Mike Searson

Mike Searson grew up in New York City and fired his first rifle as a 17 year old Marine Infantryman. He has been collecting and shooting firearms ever since. Everything from relics of the old west to modern suppressors and black rifles. His love for firearms lead him to various career paths in the Firearms Industry as a gunsmith, ballistician, salesman and overseas buyer. He has been a Private Investigator, Bounty Hunter and Bodyguard. He is based in Northern Nevada where he is a dedicated sportswriter. Mike’s articles have appeared in Blade, RECOIL, SWAT, Concealed Carry and Gun Digest. In addition to covering firearms and knives he writes about MMA, boxing and traditional martial arts for a number of news related outlets and has written several screenplays. He made his big screen debut in Sharknado 2 where he was crushed by a shark. Hey, it was NYC, they don’t exactly honor his carry permit!


The CZ52 Pistol

  By Mike Searson One of the most unusual designs to come from arms maker Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) is the CZ52 pistol. Over 200,000 of

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The EOTech Holographic Sight

  By Mike Searson The EOTech is similar to a red dot sight in principle but works on a completely different theory. The technology behind

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AR Custom Thumb

The Basics Of AR Customization

  By Mike Searson In 2012 the AR15 rifle outpaced the venerable Winchester Model 94 as “America’s Rifle.” The reasons are varied, having served the

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Customizing the Ruger 10/22

-By Mike Searson– The Ruger little 10/22 rifle may be the “Chevy Small Block” of semiautomatic rim fire rifles. With over 7 million rifles sold,

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