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Gun Safety Rules: The Basics

Lots of Americans say they had their first contact with a gun when they were just kids. Some responsible parents taught their kids the basic

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Game Profiles: Eastern Turkey

  By Luke Brandenburg Eastern Turkeys have been evading and frustrating hunters for centuries in North America. These prized game birds make the challenge worth

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Game Profiles: Grouse

  By Luke Brandenburg Grouse are unique game birds that differ greatly across many different regions in North America. While some are illegal to hunt,

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Game Profiles: Snow Geese

  By Luke Brandenburg Traveling in flocks of several thousand or more, Snow Geese can create some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring hunting experiences

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Game Profiles: Canada Geese

  By Luke Brandenburg Canada Geese can provide some of the most exciting and action-packed hunting out there. Learn more about these big game birds

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Game Profiles: Diving Ducks

  By Luke Brandenburg Diving ducks are highly-adapted birds that specialize in foraging for food below the water’s surface. Hunting them successfully depends on your

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Game Profiles: Dabbling Ducks

  By Luke Brandenburg Many of the most beautiful and abundant ducks in North America are dabblers (not divers). Learn what makes them different and

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Shotgun Customization

By Luke Brandenburg Due to an array of custom options and upgrades, the shotguns of today offer excellent performance in many different applications from tactical

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