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USCCA Exhibitors at Atlanta Expo Offered Conceal Carry Gear for Women

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By Nancy Jo Adams

With the state of society in these times, it has never been more important than now to be concerned with personal protection. Not only is it important to have the knowledge of properly stowing conceal carry weapons and how to effectively use them, it is also extremely important to know your rights and the laws regarding conceal carry.

One organization that keeps conceal carry proponents abreast of news, current legislation issues, legal matters and product info is the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). As a strong female proponent for concealed carry, advocating that ALL women learn self-defense tactics and become proficient with a pistol for conceal carry, I was excited to see a large number of vendors in attendance at the USCCA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia offering products geared toward women. Several of these items have been on the market and many are new to the market. I want to share these items in efforts of educating those who may be seeking the perfect conceal carry product.


There are several really nice compact, lightweight handguns on the market designed for a woman shooter’s smaller hands and convenient concealment. One that was getting a lot of attention at the expo is the Bond Arms Girl Mini. This classic stainless steel derringer style gun is a compact 4.5” in length weighing 18.5 ounces and sporting a 2.5” double barrel that is chambered for .357 Mag or .38 special rounds. The Girl Mini has a front blade sight and a fixed rear sight with a patented rebounding hammer and automatic spent casing extractor. The cross bolt safety brings peace at mind when carrying and personalized pink wood handle adds a feminine flair to the Bond Arms Girl Mini.



The Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Classic Holster is the perfect conceal carry for compact firearms under 6.5” in total length. The compression holster conceals a weapon discretely while wearing athletic wear, casual wear or dress clothes. The snug comfortable fit of the 5” high military-grade elastic sits comfortably on your hips with a 3-row metal Hook & Eye closure for secure adjustability. Non-slip double-edged silicone Tacti-Grip keeps the holster in place no matter how active the wearer is. Front and back holsters are designed for right or left-handed draw and the magazine pocket is lined for no-scratch storage and removal. The front/appendix carry holsters incorporate the use of strong rare earth magnets to hold the gun in place while bending, sitting or climbing. The Re-holstering tab makes for easy, no-look holstering with the holster pocket positions safely covering the trigger guard and positions the gun to avoid finger-on-trigger draw. The Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Classic Holster can accommodate up to four revolvers or compact semi-automatics and three magazines.



Concealed Carrie offers a variety of classic leather handbags with practical features that include a separate concealed carry compartment that is designed to safely and securely conceal handguns but yet is easily accessible. Each handbag is designed with a removable and adjustable holster that is customizable to the shooters directional draw. Many of the quality handbags offer exterior and interior access to a handgun and several styles offer cross-body solutions with use of an adjustable, removable strap. Concealed Carrie offers rich, all-leather styles and the Casual Carrie line offers fashion forward affordable products. There are styles from a small hand carried totes, compact cross-body purses, satchels, hobo-style bags and computer compatible bags.



CrossBreed Holsters offers a unique idea for concealed carry that can be used in any brand/style handbag or purse and is interchangeable between favorite handbags. The Purse Defender is a Velcro® fastener-lined Kydex panel which measures 9″ wide x 6″ tall with the base being 3″ wide that fits securely in handbags allowing for easy access to a handgun. Combined with the CrossBreed Holsters handcrafted modular holster, the Purse Defender ensures a firearm is safe, secure and always in the same spot in a purse or bag. The Purse Defender system is available in left or right-handed configuration and includes the L-Shaped panel and a CrossBreed Handcrafted Modular Holster.



FAST Holster, which is an acronym for Firearm Access System Technologies, is a simple system that puts your gun where you need it when you need it. The FAST Holster is a secure holster which incorporates three strong magnets over-molded in non-marring Santoprene® rubber which your handgun is attached to. The convenience of this holster is that it can be screwed into any surface where the gun is concealed such as an end table or an office desk. The FAST Holster is ideal for stay-at-home moms or front office personnel where your handbag may not be easily accessible.


Moonstruck Leather offers a huge variety of handcrafted conceal carry leather bags and purses in a diversity of colors to fit the need of any woman’s wardrobe or personal style. The rich Italian leathers used in these products have a supple feel and the array of colors and patterns on display were beautiful, with some bags being embossed or tooled, some with studs or rhinestones and a few with animal hide or fur. There are various sizes available from the small conceal and carry cross-body bag, measuring 11” tall by 10” wide, to the various sized larger purses and bags. The decoration options are endless with several one-of-a-kind styles and every product is lined with coordinating fabric that compliments the exterior of the bag. Each design incorporates a left or right-handed draw configuration pocket that is roomy enough to accommodate sub-compact to larger handguns and an adjustable/removable holster.



Femme Fatale Holsters offers various conceal carry products for women but one that I found very impressive is the Ankle SoxXx for Her. This sleek and secure ankle holster is ideal for women when wearing any style pants, from yoga pants to dress pants. The wide elastic holster slides on just like a sock and features a pocket for a handgun to securely slip into without having to deal with Velcro or elastic fasteners. The 5” pocket accommodates a variety of weapon sizes and allows for ambidextrous wear. The Ankle SoxXx allows for the weapon to be positioned in the contour of the leg for discrete concealment and offers a hidden plastic shield between ankle and gun for additional comfort.


For those ladies that own numerous brand name handbags that do not want to give up their designer handbags, there is a convenient conceal carry system for them as well. The Packin’ Neat by Kristin is a really ingenious system that allows the user to insert the organization system into any purse, bag or computer bag—it is a purse organizer and holster in one unit. The system not only has one large convenient pocket, several exterior pockets and a conceal carry pocket with a correctly positioned Velcro firearm holster system that stays in place. The flap closure has a magnetic snap that keeps the weapon hidden in open top purses/bags. The system comes in three sizes: the skinny, the tactical and the boss.



U Koala Bags are bags like no other on the market and ironically the designer came up with the idea while viewing some “hugging” Koala bears on a trip. The bags are of several styles made of various materials but each bag shares one thing in common, the unique way that you wear this bag. The bag is worn on the hip and upper leg by a waist belt and a leg strap but can be converted to a crossover or shoulder carried bag; some of the bags even convert into a backpack style bag. Many models have a separate conceal carry pocket designed specifically for quick and easy access to a gun. The U Koala bag comes in three sizes: compact, standard and expanded. The comfortable fit and wear of the U Koala bag with the added benefit of securely stowing your conceal carry makes this bag the perfect casual bag for everyday casual use, for traveling or during participation in any outdoor activity.



Undertech Undercover has several pieces of women’s garments designed for concealed carry, but their newest item can be worn casually or you can dress it up all while safely concealing a firearm. The new full-length leggings by Undertech Undercover have two conceal carry holster pockets, one in the front and one in the back and are available in right or left-hand draw. The leggings are made of super soft fabric with the right amount of stretch and are available in size extra small through XXX-large and have a 29” inseam. The convenient holsters include an easy on/easy off retention strap, which makes the pocket you are not using as a holster the perfect place for a cell phone. The Undertech Undercover 3/4-length leggings were already a huge success, but the versatility of the full-length leggings is surely going to make them a favorite.



Vertx® packs and bags are steadily gaining popularity with a large user fan base and it is easy to see why. Vertx® has taken all the important user features plus concealed carry options and has incorporated that into its high-quality packs and bags. Features like MOLLE rail adaptable pockets, water bottle pouches, key fobs, padded computer/notebook sleeves, conceal carry pockets that use the Vertx® Tactigami holsters and pouches. Vertx® has various size bags but the new EDC Commuter Sling bag is the perfect size for women. The sling style allows the bag to sit comfortably on the back without bouncing on the hips when walking like the longer backpack style bags do. Ladies will not only appreciate the compact size of the Commuter Sling measuring at 18”Hx13”Wx6”D, but will also appreciate the various interior organization pockets, MOLLE system compatible front panel pocket and the ability to stow up to a 15” laptop or notebook all while packing a compact or full-sized handgun that is easily accessible.


And last, but surely not least, is the USCCA’s ultimate DVD training series for women that includes the titles, How to Choose Your Concealed Carry Handgun, How to Safely & Discreetly Carry Your Firearm, and Situational Awareness: How to Not Look Like a Victim. These training DVD’s are designed to equip, educate and empower women in concealed carry. These videos were “made for women, by women” as USCCA Certified Instructor Beth Alcazar and four other diverse women help women become more confident in personal protection and conceal carry.


It is comforting to know that firearm companies and firearm related gear manufacturers, realizing the necessity of personal protection across the board for every person, are offering some quality products that are geared toward properly fitting the female frame for all situations; regardless if you are shopping, running/exercising, out on the town or commuting to work, there is a product out there for you that insures your personal protection.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the products reviewed or mentioned within this writing is an endorsement and the writer may or may not have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product. Logos and photos are the sole property of the rightful owner and used within this writing solely for the promotion of products herein as requested by the product’s manufacturer or in efforts of product exposure for the manufacturers.

Nancy Adams

Nancy Jo Adams is an avid accomplished huntress, freelance and staff writer for several media sources. Nancy Jo enjoys being active in social media and penning her blog, Shenanigans From the Field at her website Life in Camo Media. Among various skills, she is known in the industry for product exposure through field testing products and promoting the product through published reviews and on social media. As co-owner of Life in Camo Media with her husband, Richard Holt, they enjoy hunting the nation and working together in photography/videography capturing product usage in the field. Having the opportunity to hunt multiple states annually for various game animals, there are ample opportunities to field test products. Nancy Jo is an active member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), Georgia Outdoor Writer’s Association (GOWA), National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Quality Deer Managment Association (QDMA), and Safari Club International-Alabama Chapter (SCI-AL).

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