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SureFire Tactician Flashlight Review

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By Carlos Huerta

The newest addition to the SureFire lineup is the Tactician Flashlight. This light is ideal for any tactical or civilian everyday carry (EDC). It is lightweight but has a durable aluminum body with a secure grip. This flashlight is highly versatile, and it serves as a fighting light as well as everyday task light. This flashlight is compact and made to be an improvised weapon light. Its dual output LED delivers a broad, wide light that fills any dark space around you. The operation of this flashlight is straight forward- no nonsense. Let’s take a closer look at this popular flashlight from SureFire.


SureFire Tactician Specs

The SureFire Tactician Flashlight has a smooth black finish, and it is just about five inches long and weighs 3.5 oz. with batteries. A Mil-Spec finish protects against abrasions and corrosion. The flashlight is O-ring sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. It is impact and heat resistant. The aluminum body is extremely resistant to damage from impact, crushing or bending. Also, the Tactician features a steel pocket clip for secure carry in pockets, purses, or backpacks. The lanyard was designed for securing the flashlight for hands-free motion. The lanyard is made from 550 cord (paracord), and it is equipped with two cord locks and a cord fastener cable. The concept of the cord fastener is designed to break free if your flashlight or lanyard was pulled on by extreme force. The Tactician can be mounted to any rifle for any outdoor use.


The Tactician delivers 800 lumens for larger range, or you can rotate the light head counter clockwise for five lumens. The Tactician has two settings. You can press the tailcap for momentary-on or twist the tailcap for constant-on function. The tailcap is simple and stress free even under the most nerve-wracking situations. The tailcap switch prevents the flashlight from accidently activating in a pocket, purse, or bag. The flashlight requires only two batteries (CR123). The flashlight will power for 90 minutes when using the 800 lumen setting or 94 hours while in the five lumen setting. The LED light utilizes crystal clear Maxvision Beam technology. The beam pattern is “fill the room” wide, covering all corners of a medium to large room. The wide beam is perfect for room clearing.



The SureFire Tactician Flashlight was designed by well-known firearm instructor James Yeager. He had specific features in mind that didn’t exist at the time as he designed the flashlight. He wanted a flashlight built just for gun fighting. SureFire listened to Yeager’s ideas and built the Tactician. It was made by gun fighters for gun fighters. The layout of the flashlight was to also act as a strike device in a self-defense situation. The 800 lumens are strong enough to practically blind someone in a self-defense scenario, or it could give you enough time to draw your firearm. The result of 800 lumens is very bright, sweeping the whole space to reveal any threats when needed. However, the five lumens output allows you to sweep a room without putting out too much light.


SureFire is an American made company, and all of their products are manufactured in the United States. Another important feature to outline is their great warranty. When you purchase a SureFire Flashlight, it is protected by their No Hassle Guarantee. If anything was defective in material or workmanship in your lifetime, SureFire will repair or replace your flashlight. SureFire stands behind their products for police, military, and civilian.

Final Thoughts

Overall, size and weight matters when it comes to your personal EDC. The SureFire Tactician Flashlight is excellent for your everyday carry and personal defense. The flashlight was made to be as small and light as possible but without sacrificing strength. The Tactician was made to fit your tactical needs when used as a combat weapon light. If you don’t have an EDC flashlight, you can’t go wrong with the Tactician. This flashlight is weather-proof so it’s fitting for hunting or any outdoor activities. The Tactician is reliable and able to handle any intense situations, something that certainly can’t be said of all flashlights. 

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