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Gun Safety Rules: The Basics

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Lots of Americans say they had their first contact with a gun when they were just kids. Some responsible parents taught their kids the basic rules of gun safety. Yes, a gun is not a toy, but it’s better to teach kids rather than hide a gun and hope that they never reach it.

Gun Safety Rules For Children

  • Stop!
  • Don’t touch it!
  • Leave the area!
  • Tell the adult!

Try to convince your child that a gun is not a toy. Well, not a toy for a kid. Explain that a gun is a really dangerous thing, and they should never touch it. But found one, they should immediately call an adult.

Okay, let’s suppose that a pretty scared little boy came to an adult and said he found a gun. It’s a CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, the reliable choice for home defense. Of course, it was bought for self-defense to protect the owner and his friends and family, but right now, the gun is on the ground. What to do next? I hope every adult understands that guns are dangerous, they cause injuries and deaths if the firearm is not handled or used correctly. The gun safety rules must be followed as there’s no second chance if someone makes a mistake.

Gun Safety Rules For Adults

  • Keep the gun away from children;
  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded;
  • Point the gun in the safe direction only;
  • Never point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot;
  • Unload the firearm if you are not using it;
  • Never leave a gun unattended;
  • Keep finger off the trigger if you are not ready to shoot;
  • Drunk or intoxicated people are forbidden to approach a firearm;
  • Never rely on the gun’s safety, don’t check it for shooting;
  • Call the police and give the weapon to the authorities.

Okay, now we know what every person should do if they found a gun. But what if you are an ammo-fan and want to know how to handle a gun, want to be a proud gun owner? Let’s go the shooting range, but we must revise the basic rules before we do that.

Gun Safety Rules At The Shooting Range

  • Follow the basic gun rules for adults;
  • Study and follow the rules of a chosen shooting range;
  • Listen and follow the instructions of a shooting range supervisor;
  • Never cross the safety line;
  • Keep the barrel clear of obstructions;
  • Keep the gun on safe and point it down unless you are ready to shoot;
  • Know all characteristics of your gun that you are using;
  • Use protective gear, eye-protection glasses and ear-protection headphones;
  • Always be aware of the surroundings and keep the balance in your body;
  • Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it before you put your finger on a trigger;
  • Never shoot at a flat, hard surface or the surface of the water;
  • If your gun doesn’t fire, save the position for several seconds, point the gun into the safe direction and unload it;
  • If you are not ready to shoot, point the gun into a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger;
  • Unload the gun if not used.

gun safety rules for hunters

Gun Safety Rules For Hunters

Go to the beginning of the article and revise all that has been written, plus add the following:

  • Choose an experienced Safety Officer in your group and follow all the rules set. Separate the zone for every hunter;
  • Always be aware of where the other hunters are;
  • Never use a scope of a gun as binoculars;
  • Never climb a tree or a fence with a loaded gun;
  • Keep the balance and try not to fall with a firearm;
  • If you fell, check the weapon for damage or garbage in the barrel. Don’t point a gun at your face;
  • Always control the muzzle. Keep it in a safe direction;
  • Never shoot when in doubt.

Read, revise, save and share these gun safety rules. Stay safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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