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Keep Your Firearm Firing: Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

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Having a gun doesn’t mean you should immediately put it into a gun safe after the use till the next time. Having a gun is a big responsibility. It’s very important to ensure proper gun maintenance and clean your weapon correctly after each use if you want it to work smoothly for a long period of time. Here are some tips that will help you keep firearms accurate, reliable, and safe.

The first thing has already been mentioned and is easy to remember: clean your firearm after every use. Cleaning a gun is the most significant process when we talk about gun care. But some steps should be done before the cleaning process.


Ensure that your gun is unloaded

Before you start cleaning, make sure that your weapon is completely unloaded. The barrel and the magazine must be empty with all the bullets removed. It’s better to check twice or even more, to avoid accidental injures while cleaning. Also, keep all the ammunition out of the cleaning area in order not to shoot it unintentionally. Always put the safety catch to the ‘on’ position.

Keep the room well-ventilated

Cleaning your weapon includes using products that may contain some harmful chemicals. So that not to breathe them in, choose the well-ventilated area, and keep the windows open if you are indoors.

Disassemble the gun

The first step in the cleaning process is to take the gun apart. If you’re not sure how to disassemble your firearm safely and properly, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.


Proper gun cleaning is the key to years of its lasting dependable service. It’s extremely important to clean all the parts, especially to remove leftover gun powder from the barrel. If you are a beginner or have a new weapon, always refer to the owner’s manual to learn an optimal way of cleaning.

Cleaning tools

To clean your gun correctly, you will need the right cleaning tools such as rods, brushes, and swabs that fit the caliber. If you have one pistol, shotgun or rifle, you can buy a kit specific to your weapon type. But if you own several firearms, search for a universal cleaning kit. They usually include rods, brushes, and swabs for various calibers and are intended for rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Here is one of the universal gun cleaning kits you can find on our website.

NCSTAR Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

NCSTAR Universal Gun Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to keep your firearms performing at their peak and protect them from the elements. It is perfect for the most popular rifle, pistol, and shotgun calibers from .22 up to 12 Gauge.

It includes:

  • 2 Sets of Cleaning Rods – one for Pistol & Rifle accessories and the other for Shotgun accessories
  • 2 Rod Adapters, Plastic T-Handle for a sure grip, 2 Slotted Tips for Patches, and Cleaning Patches
  • 10 Bronze Bore Brushes
  • 5 Bore Mops
  • Aluminum Carrying case with latches and Carry Handle

Cleaning fluids

Besides cleaning tools, some special fluids complement to easy gun care. Use special solvent and degreaser to remove dirt, residue, grime, oil and gun powder from different parts of the gun. It’s better to use high-performing cleaners in order not to harm your gun.

We recommend FROG LUBE Solvent Spray, one of the best-selling cleaners in our online store. It is a great Bio-based solvent to remove all petroleum products and junk.


After you have cleaned your gun, you should add some lubricating oil. It will help the moving parts of the gun operate smoothly, and protect your firearm from rusting. Remember that a small amount of oil is enough, don’t apply too much of it.

You can use HOPPE’S No. 9 10oz Aerosol Lubricating Oil. This extra-long lasting high-viscosity oil is one of the top oils at It does not harden, gum, or expire and will be ideal for your firearms.


Every time you disassemble and reassemble your gun, make sure that it functions properly: check the trigger mechanism, safeties, slide operation and locking, magazine retention, and ejection systems.


After being cleaned and lubricated, the gun should be stored in a dry and secure place (a gun safe or a lock box). Don’t put any light bulbs or heaters into the gun safe: this may overheat the stock that will lead to cracks. Also, you shouldn’t put your weapon into a slip when it’s in the gun storage to allow sufficient air. You may use a silicone treated gun sock instead as it protects the gun from moisture and rust, and prevents knocks if you store several guns. Always keep the ammunition apart from firearms.


You should never leave your gun in a wet slip, even for a couple of hours. Always dry your gun after every use if you don’t want it to rust. But don’t put your gun near a radiator, fire or under direct heat – let it dry in a natural way.

These simple tips will help your firearm work properly for long years and keep it safe, reliable, and precise. But remember that different guns require different maintenance, cleaning techniques, tools, and cleaners. That’s why it is always better to consult the manufacturer manual and learn the particular information about your firearm.

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