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A Tail for Tales Taxidermy

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You have seen it. A giant musky hanging on a wall behind a bar. A moose head above the fireplace. A duck decoying from a home office wall. Ever wonder about the stories behind these objects? Or the meaning they have to the owner? Next time you see one – ask him or her. You may be in for a treat.

The art of taxidermy – is the art of creating story openings. For the owner – the object – his or her trophy is a reminder of an adventure, the experience, often a bucket list one. And displaying it in one’s home or office is a way of keeping the spirit of it alive and a story ready to tell.

Ready to commemorate your next adventure? While you can locate a local taxidermist with the help of Google and have your trophy shipped – you owe it to yourself to meet the artist in person. Taxidermists are not unlike musicians – some have the eye and the hand to breathe life into their work, while others rely on the 3 basic cords.

I was fortunate enough to experience this first hand, when my South Dakota pheasant outfitter, Scott Olson from Red Label Guide Service ( introduced me to Larry Wold that owns A Tail For Tales Taxidermy ( While hunting with Scott, our group limited out on pheasant and shot some excellent specimen that I was going to mount. On our last day, I happened to shoot a coyote that darted across my path in the field. Local farmers specifically asked us to shoot any vermin that we came across. With a yote and a pheasant in hand, I drove down to Armour, SD to meet Larry.

From the moment of walking into his workshop and showing him my “trophies” – I knew I was in the right place. Larry was more excited about the possibility of making the mount that included both species than I was and I instantly knew I found the right guy. We talked for about 30 minutes and I felt confident to give Larry 100% of creative control. When I returned the following year to chase more pheasants and to pick up my mount – I was left speechless. I will let pictures do the talking.

You don’t have to live close to South Dakota to connect with Larry – you can have your trophies shipped to him and you won’t be disappointed. You can connect with him through his website (

And if you want to come see the mount he did for me – come to GRITR SPORTS ( in North Richland Hills, Texas. The yote and the bird greet all the visitors to our retail store and range. And occasional service K9 stops in its tracks, pondering what happened to the other dog.

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